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The Limitless Human – A Solo Podcast With Kapil Gupta

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Key Takeaways

  • Any association with any other human being is an enormous limitation
  • One’s limitlessness is only preserved and able to be accessed in COMPLETE solitude
  • The possibility of becoming limitless only exists in isolation
  • The best question you could ask yourself –
    “Where could I arrive if limitations simply did not exist?”
  • “A human being has no limits, but as soon as he associates with people and society, he has nothing BUT limits”


Your Are Born Limitless

  • “Every human being is born with and actually lives with a very magical and grand possibility”
    • But we don’t see this…
    • We look at things from the standpoint of potential, not from the standpoint of what we already have
  • What you have within you when you’re born….is a “limitlessness”
    • “Man has the ability to channel and access magical possibility and truths that he can use for his own benefit and the benefit of the world”

But That Limitlessness is Delicate…

  • “Any exposure to the outside world destroys it, contaminates it, and minimizes it”
  • “Any association with any other human being, is an enormous limitation”
    • “One’s limitlessness is only preserved and able to be accessed in COMPLETE solitude”

But even solitude is a problem…

  • Why? – The human mind imbibes the conditioning of the outside world, and speaks the world’s language to “you”
    • So in solitude, you might find yourself saying things like….
      • “Is this really possible?”
      • “Come on now, be practical”
      • “What have others done?”
      • “What if you are wrong?”

What happens when you try to answer those questions?

  • You’ll get limited answers
    • Why? – Because those questions are limited
    • “Every answer that you give to a limited question. must be a limited answer”
  • When you ask yourself if you can get to “level 8” (level 8 is code here for a certain skill set, certain ability etc.)….the mind will automatically limit itself to level 8 – That’s limitation 101
    • Your response begins with whatever you’re given
    • Limitlessness would be beginning at level 1,000

Be Careful Who You Associate With

  • “Every human being, other than you, is useless to you”
    • He/she not only can, but absolutely will, limit you – there is no choice
      • Why? – Your limitlessness is so delicate, that even a swift breeze would destroy it
      • “Association with human beings is a hurricane and a tsunami…forget a swift breeze”


  • “The possibility of accessing that delicate, limitlessness possibility only exists in solitude. The possibility of becoming limitless only exists in isolation.”
    • “There is no human being that you will ever meet in your entire life, who will not limit you”
      • That human will give you answers, but they’ll be society’s answers
      • “Every human being is infected. Every human being is a virus. Every human being is conditioned. It is for this reason one must be quarantined.
  • But as mentioned above, a new problem arises in solitude – the problem of you yourself being conditioned
    • “But at least now you can deal with your conditioning alone without dealing with the added weight and added problems of added conditions on a daily basis”
  • “All that is found in this world are hindrances to limitlessness”
    • “If one does not remain in isolation, he will view things form the stand point of what has already been done” – That becomes your set point for what’s possible (this limits you)

A Little Bit About Kapil

  • “It is for these reasons I believe nobody, I talk to nobody, I imbibe nobody, I do not read books, and I already know that everything out of everyone’s mouth, no matter how intelligent it may sound, is conditioned and limited”

Go Alone

  • “You have to go where no human being has gone before, and in order to go there, you cannot go there with human beings.”
    • “There’s a reason why no human being has gone there before, and it isn’t because he didn’t have the aptitude. It is because his limited possibility was destroyed.”

The Right Question to Ask Yourself

  • “Where could I arrive if limitations simply did not exist?”
    • Do not listen to people telling you to “be practical” – they’re just overly conditioned by society

Wrapping Up

  • “Insane, impractical, unimaginable, laughable possibilities – these are not meant for any serious individual to share with the world, for to share it with the world is to destroy them in the womb”
    • This is why the serious person will spend his time alone overcoming and conquering all of the conditionings that have led to the “clipping of the delicate wings of possibility”
  • “A human beings has no limits, but as soon as he associates with people and society, he has nothing BUT limits”
  • “The limitless human is the one who fears destroying the possibility that nature bestowed upon him, and he CANNOT risk giving that away”

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