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Social Justice Warriors:

  • Coddling of the American Mind
  • I’m a Liberal Professor and My Liberal Students Terrify Me
  • 44:1 ration of Dem/Reps In sociology, women studies (at times now spelled “womyn” so not to offend by include “men”)
    • This limits perspective you are exposed to
    • If you never leave academia, you can stay in this bubble and think it is the real world
    • Comedians live in a very different world that would offend everyone, academia is the opposite (e.g. micro-aggressions)
    • E.g. while building awareness about micro-aggressions, a guy got in trouble for triggering micro-aggressions (infinite loop of political correctness)
    • Seems like you’re not allowed to be fiscally conservative at a university anymore
  • “Trigger warning” before saying anything that is potentially offensive
  • Other examples of micro-aggressions: I’m colorblind, I don’t see race; America; America is the land of opportunity; I believe the most qualified person should get the job
  • Who doesn’t think Black Lives Matter? I don’t see anyone who disagrees? Why interrupt Bernie Sanders? – the guy that has been a civil rights advocate for decades and marched with MLK
  • People are assholes and are looking for causes to allow them to rage on people/get their rocks off with mock outrage
    • Grandstand on a moral high ground in order to get attention
    • Social justice warriors are often awful people, which is hard because we agree with them, but can’t support them given how annoying they are
    • Only able to engage by insulting

Social Justice Warriors on Sex:

  • To call getting drunk and consent to having sex, and to say the boy is responsible for rape goes against feminist equality (why doesn’t it go both ways)?
    • This is a debate-able point, but people raged at Joe after he said the above
  • Gad has been called the “Ron Jeremy of evolutionary psychology”
    • You are disgusting, but effective
  • Sex is seen as less shameful in Canada vs the USA (even moreso in Quebec)
  • Hysteria of Sexual Violence on Campus:
    • Male gaze is seen as a form of male aggression (as a result, a Birka liberates women from this and bikini is oppression) – this is so backwards
  • There is no free speech on campus, you are only free to say what they say you can
  • [Gad] I’m a true liberal, the liberals of today are not
    • Doesn’t fall pretty to cultural and moral relativism, cowardice
    • @SamHarris would agree
  • 50 Shades of Grey: Outlet for women, it’s porn they’re reading on a plane
    • Same archetype in every story = consistently the same fantasy
    • Twilight is also romance porn about vampires
      • Why is a 90 year old guy trying to have sex with a 17 year old girl? That actually is rape…


  • Poorer the area and less people, the more churches you see
  • Existential angst of death is solved by religion
  • People pray about topics as a function of income status:
    • Rich = Health
  • There is value:
    • In bad situations, religion does help
    • It takes a maladaptive honesty to not believe in many cases
    • Groups that are religious actually out survive others as they work better together – from evolutionary perspective
  • Middle East:
    • Can be very fatalistic, everything viewed through “god’s will”
    • You lose feedback from environment, lose ability to learn and improve
      • Feedback is about what life is all about
  • Locus of Control: Do you attribute thing that happen to us, or to uncontrollable factors?
    • Interval vs. External (e.g. I did poorly on exam because I didn’t study vs. Professor is an asshole
    • People who score high on external are much more likely to be gamblers
      • Hot streaks in gambling are actually statistically predicted patterns (not true hot streaks) – Check out The Hot Hand Myth
      • Joe’s grandmother believed she was psychic, she ran numbers and even went to jail in New Jersey for 6 months
  • Tasiography: Reading of your “fate”
    • Always vague predictions you can fill in yourself many ways
  • Mentalism (Banachek): Up front about how it’s not magic, but still feels that way when done well
    • It’s not amazing to be told things you already know
  • Penn and Teller: Will tell you it’s bullshit while they do it do you
  • Touch Therapy: Scam, touch healer has energy in his hands
    • Proven to be a scam, touch healers said the laboratory affects the energy fields and thus doesn’t count…
  • There are people into the way too complex details of astrology – zero buy-in on this
  • Availability Bias: Your brain looks for coincidences and you overestimate how frequent they are, as you ignore the times they don’t happen
  • Simulation Theory: There will be a time when there is an artificial reality that is indistinguishable from reality (Matrix example)
    • So how can be we sure we’re not already inside of it?
    • Oculus Rift: VR goggles that actually fool your mind that it is truly virtual

Birth Order Innovations:

  • Frank Sulloway: Historian, wrote Born to Rebel
    • 28 most radical scientific innovations
    • Birth order of the people who were for/against each
    • The later born where much more likely to be on the radical side
    • Argue this is a strategy to get more attention from your parents by differentiating yourself from other children (first kids don’t need to do this)
  • Applied to product adopters and found the same result
  • Youngers also get messed with by older kids, so you need to find new ways/solutions
  • All Joe’s interesting friends came from f*cked up childhoods, so am I hampering my children by giving them a comfortable childhood
    • But there are other ways, and we just are innately different

Gad in Lebanon growing up:

  • Lebanon was known at the time as being the most “progressive” in the middle east
  • Jews are tolerated, not equal. Keep quiet and be tolerated
  • Teacher: Want to you want to be when you grow up (9/10 years old)
    • Child says he wants to grow up a Jew Killer in class, get’s applause
    • Other students probably knew he was Jewish…
  • Death to Jews chants common
  • As a result, there is barely any religious minorities anywhere in the middle east – tolerated was at best
  • Israel arriving actually made it harder to be Jews in other middle east countries- mass exodus’s, some volunteer, some forced
  • Internal ID cards that stated your religion
  • Joe’s theory: They are the “townies” of the world, the people who never left high-school, etc.
    • Stuck in same ways, haven’t moved on
    • These rigid ideologies prevent any progressive thought
  • It is our evolved human nature that we fall into a trap of “coalitional psych” to find those who are like us – religions take advantage of this and create hatred of other groups
  • Michael Shermer (5 Myths of Terrorism): Difference between Islam and other religions is that they never went through the enlightenment
    • Can’t reform, if it is sacrilegious to even disagree with 1 word of the Koran… – preposterous (it’s laughable that anyone would have all the answers when they wrote this – nothing else written then is accurate
  • Moderates pretend that leaders of Islam from Muslim groups like ISIS are not actual Muslim, so how do we have a conversation
  • Once you start calling it Islam or anything else that is then thought of as oppressed, behavior that is totally acceptable becomes more ok as it’s not ok the marginalize a people
    • In Middle East, Muslims are far from marginalized, as they are almost all of the population
    • This is an Informational War
    • Instead of calling it religion, it’s Ideas and an idea war
    • Legal to shit all over Christians, you actually get brownie points. Why are they less profound?
  • Gad always gets in trouble when he disagrees with Russell Brand because he is doing good…
    • Russell is “neck deep in hippy pussy”, he doesn’t know what is going on
  • A lot of folks trying to do good, I (Joe) would get along with them and they are trying to do good and saying a lot of things that make sense
    • But when caught up in that world, and avoiding the Islamaphobia label must be avoided or you do badly in that world
    • People will self-sensor to avoid being attacked by social justice warriors…
    • Gad’s wife warns him to be careful what he is saying, as they have children and he should be cautious… = self-censorship, the other side then wins
  • There should be no boundaries to freedom of speech, but these pressures to back off, people don’t want to be the sacrificial lamb, but we all lose
  • As soon as it comes down to killing people over cartoons, we have a big problem (Charlie Hebdo attack)
    • Book of Mormon is hugely popular, try to do that with Muslimhood…
    • Why should Islam not be held to the same standard? – This is actually racist. Why do they lack the capacity to be criticized
  • Joe: Psychedelic drugs will help people talk to the source and give you a “reset”
    • Gad’s never tried them
    • They are likely the root of all religious experiences (e.g. the Burning Bush likely Acacia tree/bush which is full of DMT – gives you an intense feeling of communicating with a god-like power/mind)
      • DMT trips to give you lessons on how to live life in loving/kind ways, don’t deceive or lose perspective – you could see Moses coming out of this experience with these rules
    • Many religious rituals include psychedelics
    • John Marco Allegro working on Dead Sea Scrolls for 14 years – Sacred Mushroom and the Cross
      • All Christianity is a big misunderstanding, all about consumption of mushroom and fertility rituals (it was a fertility cult) – they needed more people, not less
      • He translated that when it rained, it was god cumming on the world and that the mushrooms that grew
        • Polygyny – 1 man with many women, historically very very common
        • Science of sperm/porn: Study of porn movie content found polyandrous are more common (1 woman with multiple men) – argued that this is a excitatory cue for sperm competition
        • Asked men to go home with version of each and found sperm was more active in those looks at polyandrous porn
        • Across primates, size of testicles goes up as females are more promiscuous (humans closer to chimps/large testicles)
      • Rick Strassman – DMT, the Spirit Molecule, Cottonwood research program – DMT is produced in rats (and humans)
      • Ayahuasca is a form of DMT – orally active version as it includes and MAO inhibitor that helps it break down in the guy
      • Bullet Ants used in South America – put in gloves on hands of person in coming of age ritual
        • 1 bits = worse than a bullet and pain lasts for hours
        • They must do this 20 times before accepting into manhood
        • Likely taking psychedelics while doing it
  • Gender Roles:
    • Take kids very early, test eye gazing tests, you already see they prefer gender type toys
      • This is before we could socialize them on gender roles
    • Replicated in primates
    • Genetic disorder for females tends to move preferences to be boy-like
    • Sweden (less gender split country): Same results on toy preferences (boy – truck)
    • 3k years ago on monuments – boys look at wheelbarrow, girls with dolls
  • 2D-4D ratio of index to ring fingers
    • This is related to amount of testosterone in utero
    • Can match this ratio to masculinized toy preferences (along with measuring testosterone levels)
  • This craziness comes from a good place (idiotic, but good), that if something is biological based then it is immutable – biological determinism – A scary and wrong thing
    • Almost everything is a mix between biology and environment/experience
    • So idea of nature vs. nurture is a irrelevant dichotomy – always a mix
    • g. men might want to go for status, but we don’t have to go after status in the same way
    • The narrative is hopeful that we all start with equal potential at the start, we are all equally malleable
      • This is hopeful, but not true
      • Not everyone could be Michael Jordan, John Jones, Lionel Messi, etc.
  • You could cherry pick multiple things Joe has said, take it out of context and you can make him look like a monster/offensive
    • They are not intellectually honest, they are just trying to get clicks (Joe is hopeful that this is temporarily a problem – long term this will be fixed… – Doubtful…)
    • At least now, you can go on a podcast, post a blog, etc. and push back in the way you were not able to in the past
      • Journalists can twist your words without you having the chance to push back
      • Joe might be biased as he has a large platform/power to pushback more than most people
      • Joe also provides his platform for many people to get their voice out which is also highly effective and valuable

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