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Paul Stamets: Saving the Bee Population, Psilocybin Mushrooms 101, Microdosing, and More – The Joe Rogan Experience #1385

Key Takeaways

  • Psilocybin mushrooms have been found to:
    • Help break tobacco addiction
    • Reduce partner-on-partner violence
    • Reduce violent crimes among prisoners
  • Microdosing psilocybin has been found to enhance creativity and mood
    • “Any new businesses populated in pinnacle by young people who are not doing microdosing are going to be at a competitive disadvantage” – Paul Stamets
  • “All angry people should eat mushrooms”Joe Rogan
  • There are also benefits to non-psychedelic mushrooms:
    • One study showed that elderly people over the age of 60 who ate 3 mushroom meals per week had a 50% decreased risk of cognitive decline
    • Another study found that people who ate mushrooms had a statistically significant reduction in overall cancer rates


  • Paul Stamets (@PaulStamets) is a mycologist, author, and advocate of bioremediation and medicinal fungi
    • Check out the Podcast Notes from one of his previous appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience
    • Check out Paul’s websites:
      • A curated list of references relevant to physicians, scientists and the intellectually curious
      • A family-owned business dedicated to promoting the cultivation of high-quality gourmet and medicinal mushrooms
      • Host Defense: Paul’s mushroom supplement company
    • Paul’s app:
  • Host: Joe Rogan (@joerogan)

Supplements Mentioned

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Mushrooms and Bees

  • Fungi have a ton of health benefits, and more are being discovered every year
    • For instance, mushroom mycelia reduce viruses in honey bees 
      • Paul’s research on this subject was published in the prestige journal, Nature (only 7% of submissions get published)
        • Paul’s article is also in the top 1% of all Nature articles. He believes it’s because he found a solution to a virus that works better than any other pharmaceutical creation.
          • “I’ve been able to present the theory, with proof now, that a natural product can have a broader BioShield of benefits than a pure pharmaceutical” Paul Stamets
  • “The loss of bees is a threat to our national security” – Paul Stamets
    • One bee can pollinate 1,000 flowers a day
      • China is hand-pollinating their plants because they don’t have enough bees
      • To help the world’s bee population, Paul will be giving out 10,000 bee feeders for free (he hasn’t launched the product yet, but you can sign up to get notified when it’s released!)
        • Every bee feeder will be solar-powered, collect data, and a also have a Wi-Fi connection, allowing it to sync with a cloud database, and thus enabling Paul and his team to learn more about bees populations in different areas

The Amazing Benefits of Psilocybin 

  • People are starting to become aware of the health benefits of mushrooms, and several universities have recently been approved by the FDA to begin human clinical studies using psilocybin
    • Ex.: Harvard, Stanford, Purdue, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, UPenn, and several others
    • Early research shows that psilocybin can help break tobacco addiction – after taking one or two doses of psilocybin, 10 out of 15 patients quit smoking for the next 12 months
  • In one study, several thousand prisoners took psilocybin, the results?
    • An 18% reduction in violent crimes, and a 22% reduction in larceny and theft
  • There is also statistically significant evidence showing that just one psilocybin mushroom experiences reduces partner-on-partner violence
    • “I think psilocybin makes nicer people…I think this is a potential paradigm-shifting drug” Paul Stamets
  • Pure psilocybin can cost upwards of $500-1,000 a gram
    • Or, you can grow psilocybin mushrooms for about $2 a gram


  • Paul is a big believer in the cognitive benefits of microdosing
    • He recently launched an app that lets people measure their cognitive abilities, allowing them to compare their performance before and after they microdose
      • Paul plants to show the app’s data to medical researchers
  • If microdosing can make people more creative, it can also make them happier 
    • “Creativity breeds happiness and happiness breeds creativity”Paul Stamets
  • There is very early evidence, but it’s possible that “the neurogenic benefits of micro-dosing are greater than the neurogenic benefits of macro-dosing” Paul Stamets
    • Paul recalls a study: Mice who were given micro-doses of psilocybin were able to heal their ‘PTSD’ after receiving just two doses; mice who were given macro-doses were able to heal their PTSD after receiving ten doses.
  • Paul’s microdosing protocol: 4 days on, 3 days off
  • “Any new businesses populated in pinnacle by young people who are not doing microdosing are going to be at a competitive disadvantage” – Paul Stamets

Stacking Niacin with Psilocybin

  • There are 3 benefits to stacking niacin with psilocybin mushrooms:
    • It prevents abuse
    • It dilates the blood vessels to better deliver the neurogenic benefits of psilocybin
    • It excites the nerve endings
  • Paul adds: “I hope to see, in the future, psilocybin mushrooms being sold as over-the-counter vitamins approved by the FDA and stacked with niacin Paul Stamets 

Mushrooms are the New Weed

  • Joe believes magic mushrooms are the new weed: People used to think negatively of marijuana, but now it’s available medically/recreationally in many states
    • People used to think of people who took mushrooms as hippies, but today, more and more people are starting to see seeing the health benefits of psychedelic mushrooms and there’s less social stigma around their use

Nature Provides, Paul Stamet’s Doesn’t

  • “Nature provides, I don’t” – Paul Stamets
    • Paul doesn’t provide psychedelic mushrooms to people because he doesn’t want to be responsible for bad trips on the off chance they do occur
    • When Paul’s father was on his deathbed and wanted to try magic mushrooms for the first time, Paul didn’t give him any because he didn’t want his dad to have a deep trip and realize that he may have wasted his life
      • Paul now regrets this decision because he’s seen how psychedelic mushrooms bring people together and create even deeper relationships

Maybe Trolls Should Dip Into the Psilocybin?

  • Internet trolls just want to stir people up because they find it exciting 
    • “Whatever it is that you try to do in this life to leave your mark, you’re not doing that if you’re trolling… All angry people should eat mushrooms.” Joe Rogan

The Benefits of Non-psychedelic Mushrooms

  • One study showed that elderly people over the age of 60 who ate 3 mushroom meals per week had a 50% decreased risk of cognitive decline
  • Another study found that people who ate mushrooms had a statistically significant reduction in overall cancer rates
    • “The division now between foods and medicines is blurred; it speaks to Hippocrates stating, ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’” – Paul Stamets

Mushroom Supplements

The Tie to Religion

  • Paul believes that magic mushrooms inspired religions
    • “The connection between psilocybin and magic mushrooms in religion has a lot of credibility; there’s a lot of great examples of that” – Paul Stamets

Additional Notes

  • There are an estimated 8 miles of mycelium in a single inch of soil
  • A good resource to learn about psychedelic studies:
  • A film Paul recommends: Fantastic Fungi
    • Both Paul and Michael Pollan make an appearance in the film; it scored 100% on Rotten Tomatoes
  • “The one thing that psilocybin and psychedelics can provide is a break from patterns. A stopping, a cease-fire of all the momentum of our cultural civilization, finances, taxes, credit card debt, all that sh*t just stops and you get a chance to look at the machine” – Joe Rogan
  • The difference between a toxin and a drug is often the dose
  • “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good” – Paul Stamets
  • Don’t buy your mushrooms from China
    • “Every Chinese expert I’ve met they said I wouldn’t dare buy a mushroom from China” – Paul Stamets
  • More and more therapists are being trained in the field of psychedelic therapy
    • “The psychedelic therapist movement is huge right now” – Paul Stamets
      • Canada is moving quite quickly in this area because they are facing an opioid crisis 
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