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JRE 901 – Rhonda Patrick is BACK

Rhonda Patrick is back for another round with Joe and she never disappoints. Definitely checkout her blog and podcast to learn more about all the topics discussed below.

5 Essential Recommendations:

  1. Eat Broccoli Sprouts as a great source of Sulforaphane
    1. Grow your own- Kits are available
    2. Especially if you’re a smoker as it helps your body with the Benzene you are breathing
  2. Experiment with circadian and intermittent fasting with the Zero App
  3. Check out Radiolab – 9 Volt Nirvana
  4. The War of Art, Steven PressfieldMust Read from Joe
  5. Nicotinamide riboside Supplements to delay aging and improve bodily function
  • Memory Tips:
    • Just writing things over and over will help you remember things, especially for presentations without slides (Joe might start using PPT for comedy)
    • Exercise to reduce stress and increase Clarity on hard decisions
      • Short Term Recall: Run before you want to learn something for SHORT term recall
      • Long Term Memory: If you learn something and run after it improves the LONG term memory
    • Resistance training is also good for the brain
  • Moab Race: over 200 mile run (Cameron Hanes)
    • Part of being a super ager – fit and mentally sharp
      • We start losing brain mass by age 20, doesn’t mean you lose intelligence
    • The key is pushing past a comfort zone mentally and physically is key to healthy aging – No Pain, no gain
  • Aerobic exercise (20-30) can increase serum BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor) that grows new brain cells and heal others
  • Running helps Rhonda be creative and make hard decisions (executive functions)
    • “I feel better 100% of the time better, after”
    • Even the same decision is easier to make and less stressful when working out
      • Mind has the same data, but your brain realizes that it isn’t really a big concern
    • We were meant to be stressed (outside, hunting, etc.) and we need to have these stresses and the impact of those on our body (stress response pathways)– exercise is a form of that stress – Hormesis
      • It’s not normal that we can live our lives with no stresses – Striving for “comfort” all the time is not helpful
    • Joe sees Jiu-jitsu- both physical and mentally taxing
      • People that do it are much more mellow and relaxed
      • Built in comradery to grapple with someone
      • Rhonda feels similarly with surfing – talking fears, kinship with other surfers

Fish and Mercury Levels:

  • Mercury in big fish like swordfish, shark
    • Should eat wild salmon, cod, white tuna, etc.
  • Arsenic from sardines, canned can be concerning
  • Garlic can bind and help excrete/keylate mercury
    • Rhonda often eats it when having fish for this reason
  • Joe eats cloves when sick with kombucha- powerful anti microbial compound
    • Can burn when eating lots of it
  • Sulforaphane is a key nutrient from veggies
    • Cruciferous Veggies: Kale, Broccoli, Bok Choy, etc. but the best is Broccoli sprouts (100x vs. broccoli)
      • Rhonda makes shakes with it, you can grow your own at home
    • Anti aging and Anti-neurodegeneration
    • Sulforaphane is not in the plant, it gets formed when you break/chop/crushed up the plant tissue
      • Freezing the veggies actually helps create 2x sulferiphane
      • Effect: Feel a little peppy like coffee
  • Sulforaphane studies in autism and brain function improved
    • 7-30mg of sulferiphane per day to young autistics improved autistic scores by 34%
      • Similar improvement seen in schizophrenics
    • Lots of animals studies have been done, but shown to be as good as Prozac in mice in treating depression
    • Also very powerful anti-cancer effects
      • Men with prostate cancer given 60mg/day for a month, lowered doubling rate of PSA levels by 86%
    • Air pollution: 40mg sulferiphane can increase 61% benzene excretion after 1 day
      • Benzene is a huge problem for smokers, so you reallllly need it if you smoke
    • Aging: Lower Inflam markers
    • Cardiovascular/Heart Health: tg -20%, ldl – 50%, blood sugar improvements
    • Traumatic Brain injury: Reduces swelling by 50%
  • See Rhonda’s video on Sulforaphane
    • Need to crush or chop, as the plant has an enzyme (Myrosinase) that is converted to Sulforaphane
    • HOWEVER, when you cook/steam/etc. then you deactivate Myrosinase and get much much less Sulforaphane
  • Sprinkling mustard powder on cooked veggies has some Myrosinase to still get some
    • Need real mustard with that “bite” to it / fresh
  • Why Does Sulforaphane Work?
    • Profound impact on inflammation by turning on the NRF2 pathway which turns on over 200 genes
    • Sulforaphane is the most potent naturally occurring compound that activates this pathway
    • NRF2: shown to be involved in delaying aging, lowering inflammatory genes, activating anti-inflammatory genes, oxidative stress, glutathione, and more

Growing/Buying Your Own Broccoli Sprouts/ Sulforaphane

  • You can buy at the grocery store but prone to contamination when on shelf, – also crazy expensive
  • Better to grow your own : hemp bags, mason jars with multiple refreshes of the water (2x a day), – must be clean
    • Takes only about 4 days to grow
    • Buy Sprouting Kits are available
    • You can harvest and freeze for later and avoid contamination
  • The seed itself can also be crushed and take it straight and get sulferiphane – BUT no research on this yet
  • Supplements: Hard to do right, only 1 in France  – Prostaphane with 70% bioavailability
    • Avmocal has 40% bioavailability, Crucera only 10% bioavailability
    • Broccomax isn’t great.
    • A lot of these supplements have fake ingredients in them like clover leaf
      • These are often not strictly sourced, Alpha brain had to investigate and test them

Nutrition and Depression: (See Rhonda’s Video for more)

  • Lack of proper nutrition is a huge component in psychological diseases such as depression, especially due to inflammation
    • CDC estimates that 11% of Americans are on an anti-depressant
    • In early 70’s where being done for these drugs on people hospitalize for depression and 70% of the time it worked (vs. 30% for placebo)
      • In DSM Manual and expanded Depression much broader, not just hospitalized and a much larger market
      • When trials where repeated was that only 40% were responsed to drugs vs. 30% for placebo
        • They don’t work as well on non-severe patients
        • They also change the personality of the person, libido, and other side effects
        • Dulls the highs and the lows of life, just makes life blah..
      • Don’t just start with drugs:
        • Did you exercise, do you eat well? – Try getting healthy first
      • High sugar diets increase inflammation and lead to the release of endotoxin, which is used in studies to mimic high inflammation
        • When injected with endotoxin, normal/healthy people start to feel depressed, anxious, start to withdraw (not with placebo)
        • Then given Omega Fatty Acids/EPA and all the symptoms went away
        • Also shown that dopamine levels in the brain decrease (not for placebo)
      • It is thought that inflammatory enzymes cross the blood/brain barrier and distrupt dopamine, serotonin and nor-epinephrine release
      • Recently discovered that the Lymphatic system is directly connected to the brain through the meninges and our immune is connected to the brain
  • What causes inflammation:
    • Clearly sugar and having a terrible diet
    • Stressful events in life that trigger cortisol (stress hormones)
      • Things that start in the brain can go the other way and into the gut
      • Never a good idea to get blood work done after a stressful event, as everything will be skewed and not normal
  • Chronic inflammation: Reduces Serotonin in the brain and creates neurotoxins that cause depression
    • Causes your body to divert Tryptophan away from the brain (where it would become serotonin) to help create immune cells to “defend the body”
    • The extra from making these immune cells is converted to quinalidic acid which cross the Blood Brain Barrier and become a neurotoxin that has been shown to cause depression
    • Exercise has been shown to soak up these toxins and make tryptophan go into your brain
  • The drug solution is overly simplistic and not effective
    • People come in, don’t want to deal with the stress and want a magic pill, but there isn’t one
    • If only there was a way to have Dr’s force patients to go exercise and eat better before they go to drugs
      • This is NOT, sadly, something that is taught in medical school
    • There needs to be a holistic clinic that looks at exercise, diet, mindfulness, etc. which seems like it would be as or more effective that just taking a pill
      • Rhonda is optimistic that we will go in this direction


  • People often just don’t want to exercise, they have an extreme fear of discomfort and think that is to be avoided – more about the beginnings of getting in shape, not once you’re in shape as you feel better when exercising
    • Exercise does make you feel good, make better decisions, etc.
    • Comfort is NOT the goal, discomfort is what helps you create and succeed in life
      • We all feel it, but it needs to be overcome
    • We rely on the momentum of the past, and starting anything new like exercise is really tough until you get moving
    • Blowing something off is bad mentally, because that option to blow something off is now on the table – This carries momentum and it matter what you embrace (Same for lying)
      • Likely that my gaining momentum and practice you create new connections in the brain that make doing that activity again in the future easier (either the good or the lazy)
    • Check out Radiolab – 9 Volt Nirvana about electric brain stimulation of motivation centers of the brain
      • Tons of people experimenting with this, but it’s very dangerous
    • Your body is like a race car that you can juice up yourself – get the best tires, engine, etc. by eating well and exercising
      • People don’t realize this is about Aging, not looking good – about slowing aging and being more capable
        • Not about vanity, it is health
        • We all age, but the goal is to age BETTER with a quality of life that others dn’t feel
        • You feel better NOW and Long Term
        • 1 12 Ounce can of sugary soda = shorter telemores = 4.6 years of ageing
      • People like to pretend they are not trying/doing better and they are wrong
      • The War of Art, Steven Pressfield – Must Read from Joe
        • We all have resistance to creative pursuits and you will have to fight that battle every single day and win, don’t give in
        • Very easy to digest book on creativity and success
      • Roland Griffiths on psychedelics
  • Nicotinamide_riboside or nicotinamide mononucleotide?
    • Pre-cursors of Vitamin B3 and are converted into NAD in the body which is required for your mitochondria to make energy
    • Levels of NAD always rise when fasting between meals and during exercise
    • NAD decreases with age, sucked up whenever you have inflammation uses up all the energy
    • 5 years of studies in Mice that feeding them Nicotide riboside or nicotinamide mononucleotide?
      • Delays bone liver aging, eyes, muscle aging
      • Enhanced endurance and mitochondrial function
    • Recent Human Study on Nicotinamide riboside or nicotinamide mononucleotide?
      • Shown to be safe and increase NAD
      • Nnicotinamide mononucleotide is found in broccoli, cucumbers, cabbage
    • Nicotinamide riboside Supplements
      • For us at Podcast Notes, hands down, when it comes to a brand of NR, we can’t recommend Elysium Basis enough (use the code “podcast10” at checkout to receive 10% off). We, Matt and Yoni, have been researching the company and trying Basis out for the past 3 months. Basis is a proprietary formulation of crystalline NR and pterostilbene that supports cellular health by increasing and sustaining NAD+
      • Pterostilbene is similar to resveratrol, but is 4x more bioavailable
        • Pterostilbene has been shown in the gut that causes Mitophagy (clearing away damaged mitochondria)
        • Fasting can increase mitophagy, along with exercise
  • Parabiosis: Injecting blood of young people to help with aging (some mice data)
    • Peter Thiel is trying this with Ambrosia LLC
    • Thought from GDF11 in the young, but it may not be what is in the young blood, but VCAM1 that is in the old blood
      • So maybe VCAM1 antibodies might help stop this
  • Stem Cell Therapy
    • Joe has been getting shots in his shoulders
    • Was able to avoid getting surgery, “Heal like wolverine” – unbelievable
    • Extracted from women’s placenta
      • Have multipotent stem cells that can do lots of things
    • Flowgraft Amnionic Therapy
  • Myostatin Inhibitors:
    • Super muscle animals, living much longer
    • The big question is why are they living longer
      • It does not increase bone mass/density
    • Seen in pigs and dogs too
    • Inhibit your body’s natural limits to muscle growth so they just keep growing
    • [You can actually buy supplements for myostatin inhibition – made from egg yolks]
  • Bigger, Stronger Faster- Documentary about the supplement industry (Joe Highly Recommends)
  • Aubrey DeGray: All about extending lifespan, but seems to disregard nutrition/exercise
    • Sens.org
    • Nutrition/exercise should not be dismissed simply because he focuses on the tech side
    • He also seems to drink a lot and not exercise
    • 2045 Conference in NYC about life extension/sci-fi type gathering of super geeks
  • Time Restricted Eating:
    • Eating within just a limited time per day (no more than 10-12 hours over day)
      • Clock starts when something eaten/drank that isn’t water – Starts with first cup of coffee even (even herbal tea at night)
      • We have an internal clock for when we eat and when you go about that, the other body processes for metabolism don’t work outside of that time
    • NOTES from Rhonda’s Interview with Dr. Satchin Panda (Salk Institute)
      • Especially bad if eating fat + sugar
      • But healthy in a restricted window is much better than not doing so
      • You can join his trial
    • Kevin Rose App: Zero
      • Zero to help you track when you fast, free, send reminders
      • Circadian option
      • Intermittent Fasting option
    • Ok to cheat a couple days a week and have the same benefits in mice, waiting for US data
    • 9 hours is optimal for endurance
    • 10 hours for lean muscle mass
    • This is hard unless you skip breakfast or eat very early at night
    • Joe often does workouts while fasting
    • Data shows that breast cancer rates go way down in women that do this
    • Shift Working is really bad as a result:
      • Shift workers are much more likely to have cancer and be diabetic
  • Saturated Fat: Transporter of cholesterol
    • LDL is very important, it is needed to make every new cell in your body, without it you are screwed
    • Statins often cell muscle atrophy/muscle wasting as a result
    • Some new data on how it is hurting the mitochondria too
    • The problem is that it was so demonized in a corrupt way when the sugar industry bribed scientists shifted the blame to fat
      • 50+ years focused by money to bribe scientists to release fake data (only was like $50k)
      • This has continued through to the present
    • Sadly, people then shifted to sugar and Trans Fats (which are really much worse – Margarine)
      • Trans fats actually causes Heart Disease
      • Only in 2015 did the FDA to ban these, after decades of everyone knowing
    • Often the studies only looked at cholesterol and didn’t control for sugar intake which was the actual problem
      • Refined sugar is what really makes the LDL dangerous
      • Healthy 20 year old men given sugar increased their Small Dense LDL and CRP (inflammatory markers) 100%
    • You really need to specifically look at small dense LDL, not just total LDL
      • This can be tested, but isn’t standard to look at yet by Doctors, you have to ASK for it

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