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  • Chris Bell (@BigStrongFast) is the producer and creator of Bigger, Stronger, Faster
    • He made a documentary on kratom, called A Leaf of Faith, due out May 29th
    • He’s in the process of making a new one on nutrition
  • Mark Bell (@MarkSmellyBell) is a world class bodybuilder
    • He is the creator of the sling shot I highly recommend this, it’s a great tool to add to your benching routine 
    • Mark owns a gym, which is free to the public, in Sacramento, California
Fake Hips
  • Chris had both hips replaced at once, and is currently deadlifting around 400lbs.
  • Ed Coan, one of the greatest power lifters of all time, has two artificial hips and can squat 600 lbs.
  • Chris recommends getting one hip replaced at a time
  • Chris and Mark recently got DEXA scans done, and their bone mineral densities were off the charts
The Carnivore Diet
  • Both Chris and Mark have been on this diet for quite some time, you can only eat meat
    • Mark eats about 2 meals a day
  • Chris recalls a study on around 200,000 people that went on for 14 years, and it was found that “vegetables are more neutral that beneficial” – The Pure Study
    • The study found that saturated fat, cholesterol, and even salt are more protective of the heart than vegetables
  • Shawn Baker is a big proponent of the carnivore diet
  • Mark was doing a ketogenic diet previously
    • One of his complaints of the ketogenic diet was that he couldn’t eat enough protein, and it was hard to put on muscle – for more on a ketogenic diet, check out these Podcast Notes with Dom D’Agostino on The Joe Rogan Experience
  • The carnivore diet forces you to utilize intermittent fasting, as you don’t always have a hamburger or steak on hand
  • The diet does allow for some fruit – Mark recalls a study which showed fruit, when eaten with red meat, actually lowered blood glucose levels
    • Mark eats about 2 apples a day
    • There are certain nutrients and fiber in fruit which help you digest the fat in red meat
    • The fiber in fruit reduces blood glucose spikes – Dr. Oz talked about this in these Podcast Notes
  • They’ve both monitored blood work – their lipid panels have improved, but C-reactive protein has gone up (a marker of inflammation)
    • Mark thinks this might be from working out prior to taking the blood tests – you should never do this
    • Mark’s HDL went up on a carnviore diet, going previously from keto
  • A steak is 65-75% fat
  • They eat both corn, grain, and grass-fed meat
    • Grass-fed beef has 5x the amount of omega 3s
    • Chris says the best tasting meat is at Costco – he pays $19.99 a pound for grass fed fillets
      • At Whole Foods, he pays $35.95 a pound – Chris says it tastes horrilbe
    • Chris prefers grass fed beef patties as opposed to the fillets
  • Mark considers eating burger pattys with cheese as “cheating on the carnivore diet”
  • The fight America faces is against cravings – against the convenient foods that taste so good, the processed carbohydrates and sugar
  • Saturated fat is only harmful when eaten in combination with high levels of refined carbohydrates and sugars
    • There’s lots of debate around this topic
  • In Asian cultures, they have low levels of obesity, and high levels of carbohydrate intake BUT they have high rates of diabetes
    • “You don’t have to be fat to be diabetic” 
    • Japan has higher diabetes rates that the US
  • Americans really do eat like shit
    • “The only two species that get fat are humans, and things we feed”
  • Carbs after a work out?
    • The post workout carb window has had some debate – but people are shifting away from this, we just don’t know at this point
  • It’s important to remember everybody’s body is different
    • Humans differ in eye color, hair color, AND dietary needs
  • What general suggestions can we make? – Stop eating refined carbohydrates and sugar
  • We can only store around 2,000 calories of carbohydrates in the body at one time
    • The average person has 40,000 calories of fat on their body – hence, the argument for doing ketogenic diet if you’re along distance cyclist
  • For Joe, eating a high carbohydrate based diet leads to inflammation
    • When he eats a high fat, low carb diet – he feels much better
    • Eat good, and you’ll be much more productive throughout the day
    • Stop eating f*cking sandwitches for lunch
  • Buy things that don’t have nutrition labels on them
The Ketogenic Diet
  • The ketogenic diet helps because it gets rid of cravings
  • When our body goes into fat-burning mode, our hunger goes away – there must be a link between ketone production and ghrelin
  • Mark had around 200 grams of fat a day while eating keto
  • Try a cyclical ketogenic diet – take one day off per week to refuel on carbs
  • Try keto-bread by Know Foods
    • They also make a pancake mix
    • The carbohydrates are high fiber, and hardly raise your blood sugar
The Health Decline of Americans
  • The 5 scurges of health – obesity, cancer, cognitive decilne, heart disease, and diabetes
    • These are all metabolic – controlled in a sense by what we eat
    • Over half the people in hospitals in the US are there for metabolic issues (so caused by what we ate)
  • Inflammation is slowly killing us all
  • The average American isn’t eating for nutrition, they’re eating to cure their hunger
  • The argument against veganism
    • Dietary cholesterol is necessary, it’s the building block of cell walls
    • The issue is saturated fat in conjunction with processed carbs, not saturated fat alone – vegan diets avoid high levels of saturated fat
    • Many people on vegan diets end up with very high blood sugar levels
    • Humans are not herbivores
      • Look at chimps – chimps are omnivores
    • Animals are going to die anyway – so eat free range chickens
    • The protein in vegetables is not as bioavailable as meat protein
    • If you want some entertainment … LISTEN TO JOE ROGANS RANT ON VEGANISM AROUND 1:08:00
    • What The Health Debunked
      • Joe calls the What the Health documentary a vegan proselytizing movie
      • “These are c*nts in a gang, in the plant gang. If you do anything that’s outside of that, they go after you.” – oh dear
  • Some good things
    • They’re not participating in factory farming
    • There are benefits to a vegan diet, but its rare people do it right
      • Joe says you need a vitamin B12 supplement on a vegan diet – this is the supplement brand recommend by Dr. Rhonda Patrick
      • You should gear it more towards a plant-based, vegan diet
Chris and Mark’s New Documentary on Nutrition
    • Chris and Mark are interviewing people in the nutrition world, and seeing on where they stand in terms of diet/nutrition
      • They don’t have any goals with the documentary, and aren’t trying to prove anything – they’re just going to see where it goes
    • At the end of the day, everyone is just trying to help people when they give diet/nutrition advice
    • They wanted to call it The War on Carbs
      • As they are interviewing more people, they are discovering processed carbs and sugar are the big problems
      • Sugar is a refined carb – things like pizza, ice cream
      • Processed vegetable oils are also a problem
        • The omega fatty acids from things like flax seed oil are not as bioavailable as what you get from fish and meat
      • Look at teeth – tooth decay is a relatively new thing, it’s because of the increase in sugar consumption
Food and Food Products
Prescription Thugs
  • This was a documentary made by Chris
  • The fact of the matter is, many people are addicted to prescription drugs, and it’s causing a lot of harm
  • Some people have reported using kratom as a better option to relieve pain
  • Ibuprofen can have some very negative side effects
    • Harms gut microbiome, ruins libido and sperm count
    • Your body is not designed for taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents every day
A Leaf of Faith
  • Comes out May 29th, all about Chris’ experience with kratom
  • The FDA has a bad view of kratom, and classifies it as an opioid
  • There’s concerns about kratom and where you get it from – there have been reports of salmonella outbreaks with kratom
    • You have to test it – some people have found fentanyl mixed with kratom
    • Urban Ice Organix – – Chris recommends this brand of kratom
  • At high doses, kratom is more relaxing, but at low does it acts as a stimulant
  • Kratom Benefits
    • It can help people with anxiety and stress
    • Has been found to help people get over opioid addiction
    • Kratom helps Mark with creativity, it gives him a sense of euphoria
    • Mark also sometimes takes it before he works out – it makes him happier  – “When you feel good, you can lift so much better”
  • Has been shown to have remarkable properties when it comes to breaking addicitons to opioids 
  • “Ibogaine and kratom are the answers to the opioid epidemic”
  • Joe knows several people who have taken it – “It’s so ruthlessly introspective. You examine every single aspect of your life in an alien way, and after it’s over, you can’t imagine being addicted to alcohol/prescription drugs ever again.”
  • One a different note, psilocybin is on the ballet to be legalized in Califnronia in 2018
  • Chris and Mark’s mom has benched 185
  • “Most men live lives of quiet desperation”- Henry David Thoreau
  • “I used to think I know everything, now I think I know nothing” – Mark
  • If you’re born today, you have a good chance of living to 104
  • Chris and Mark recommend using a hip circle band to strengthen outer hip muscles
  • Joe uses an Echo Bike by Rogue and likes to warm up before his workouts with an elipitcal machine
    • Joe also does Hindu squats – he does sets of 100 to warm up
  • Check out the doumentary Smashing Machine
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