The James Altucher Show Episode 313: Get an MIT Education for 1% of the Price with Scott Young

Altucher Podcast


Scott Young:

  • MIT Challenge: Spend $2k to complete a 4 year computer science degree in 1 year (savings $298k)
    • Testing what matters, the paper from MIT or the skills?
    • It seems that employers were interested in people who take the initiative/self starters (the general public did not think this would be case)
    • MIT students criticized heavily, likely pretty annoyed that they’re spending so much money and played by the rules
    • You do lose on the other classes, networking, friends, etc. – but the skills themselves can be done for much less ($2k) and much faster (1 year vs. 4)
    • Completed in 2012
  • Online Education Resources/MOOCs as of 215:
    • Coursera, Udacity, Udemy, Lynda (business/software learning, recently acquired by LInkedIn), CodeAcademy (learn to code with interactive courses)
      • Many offer 3rd party grading, mini-certifications
    • Self learning is much easier than it once was
  • Learning Languages
    • Scott’s emersion approach: A Year Without English
      • Pick a country, Speak no English
      • Start-off with some basic prep (20 hours or so), but mostly using Google Translate
      • Language Learning Tip: Use the infinitive version of a verb as you are just beginning in Spanish (won’t be right, but people will get the point)
    • Duolingo, Anki, Memrise: Pretty good, but can be a distraction by making learning languages more of an academic/memorization technique and not a social challenge (becoming comfortable speaking to someone in a language you are not confident in and they are, dealing with the confusion, embarrassment, etc.)
  • Monetizing a blog:
    • First build something that is valuable/interesting then monetize
    • John focusing on sell some items through the site (e.g. courses on learning approaches)
    • It took 5 years to make some money and 3 more to make a good living
      • If you have something that is interesting, you can making a living off of it
      • It takes time to build an audience, links, google caching, etc.