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Alpha Brain
  • This is a supplement from Onnit
  • It’s plant derived, made from all natural ingredients
    • The main one is huperzia serrata which acts on the acetylcholine system – it’s an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor
      • Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter
      • The acetylcholine system is responsible for memory, focus, and mental sharpness
      • Acetylcholinesterase breaks down the acetylcholine in the brain, so the supplement inhibits this from happening
  • Alpha Brain also contains raw sources of acetylcholine – like Alpha GPC
  • Alpha Brain comes in a capsulized form (a capsule takes about 15-20 minutes to dissolve in the stomach) and a powdered form (called Alpha Brain Instant) which effects are noticeable quicker because it’s not in a capsule
  • Aubrey takes Alpha Brain 3-4 times a week, but no one has noticed any negative side effects taking it more frequently
  • For reference, other neurotransmitters
    • Serotonin – gives a feeling of well-being and peace, safety, and security
      • Boosted with MDMA
    • GABA – calming, relaxes you
      • Alcohol boosts GABA levels in the brain
    • Dopamine – the reward chemical
The FleshLight
  • This is a male sex toy that Aubrey’s family had developed – Aubrey had helped with the online marketing of the product originally
  • It was first developed because Aubrey’s step dad couldn’t have sex with his wife while she was pregnant
  • It’s sold millions of units
Own the Day, Own Your Life
  • Check out Aubrey’s podcast with Tim Ferriss
  • Supplements are only a part of life
    • “You have to take the free miracle drugs of the world – exercise, sleep, light, sex, water”
  • Some advice from the book
    • Use Kettlebells 
      • It’s like an entire gym in one single piece of equipment
    • Drink a liter of water very early on in the day
      • You lose about a pound of water over night
      • When your water levels drop, you are more prone to anxiety, irritability, and brain fog – why don’t they teach this in school?
      • A lot of the water we drink is distilled (so it’s without natural minerals)
        • For this reason, spring water is better – check out these Podcast Notes for more on this topic
        • If it’s not spring water, sprinkle some Himalayin Pink Sea Salt in to help your body absorb it
      • Also add lemon to your water (which is a bioflavonoid)
    • 6 deep breaths in a row can lower your blood pressure
    • Light and Movement
      • Get light (expose as much of your skin as possible) and movement first thing in the morning – this sets the circadian rhythm and helps you sleep at night (better regulates melatonin)
      • Aubrey uses the Human Charger – these are light emitting ear buds
        • We have photoreceptors in our ears that work the same as the ones in our eyes
      • Fluorescent lights will also work in the morning
    • Cold Exposure
      • End your shower in the morning on cold
      • Cold exposure increases norepinephrine by 300% (a hormone that is in counter balance with cortisol, the stress hormone) – “To have something that can lower your cortisol levels like that, is a f*cking miracle”
        • Also increases your alertness
        • One study suggests people who expose themselves regularly to the cold get 42% less respiratory infections
      • “The move of turning your hand counter clockwise to make the water cold in the shower, is the same move of holding yourself back when you’re angry and want to say something shitty to a loved one. It’s the same will power.”
    • Nicotine – there’s some cognitive benefits (more focus, energy) to nicotine. Dave Asprey talks about this in Headstrong.
      • Try Swedish Snus – it’s a clean tobacco
        • Aubrey says as soon as you start feeling the effects, take it out and chill – if you leave it in longer than that, you’ll get nauseous
        • Aubrey sometimes uses it to write or work on complex business problems
      • James has a friend who uses a nicotine patch
      • You could also try nicotine gum
    • Caffeine
      • If you feel sleepy, caffeine is the way to go as it reverses the biological processes making you tired
      • If you don’t feel sleepy, it has minimal effects and just puts excess stress on the adrenal glands
    • Napping
      • Start napping more
      • Compared to more overnight sleep and coffee, clinical studies have proven napping is superior when it comes to generating more mental alertness
    • Start relaxing better
      • Journal to get your thoughts on paper and out of your brain
What books does Aubrey recommend people read?
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