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Introducing….Podcast Notes Health Consultations!

Having listened to hundreds of health related podcasts, and reading just about every major health book there is, I figured it was time to give some more value to our community.

With these sessions, we’ll hop on the phone and essentially do a complete breakdown of your overall health lifestyle (diet/fitness/sleep), and I’ll provide tips/areas for improvement.

If you’re interested, shoot us a DM on Twitter, or an email (

Below is a list of client testimonials:

  • @AFC08Mayank
    • “Hey Matt! Thanks for the suggestions! It was great! You pointed out some things that were so logical and some that, honestly, I should’ve looked into LONG BACK! So thanks for bringing me back on track! I look forward to more consultations from you and look forward to meeting you in person!” – Mayank
  • @TheKunwarKhan
    • “Great work. After reading some Podcast Notes on the Fasting Mimicking Diet, I contacted Matt with some questions. (I live in India and Prolon doesn’t ship there). He was generous with his time and helped me choose food items which satisfy the conditions of a Fasting Mimicking Diet.” – Khan
  • @Simbleboy – Dehli, India
    • “Was great talking to Matt from Podcast Notes. Brilliant tips on optimizing everyday living. From diet, to sleep, to exercise – brilliant advice was shared. Really excited to start implementing everything. Very grateful.” – Rahul
  • @Savitend
    • “After getting to know a bit about my nutrition and exercising habits, Matt went on to give very good advice on which things I should focus on in order to feel better. The chat was very entertaining and informative. Very recommended!” – Delfi
  • @Reuven
    • “Just finished a call with Matt-  sharp, smart and full of insight. Highly recommended. Thank you.” – Reuven
  • @dvanderzee4
    • “Matt has studied, researched and learned so much about health, diet, and self-improvement that it has felt like I’ve had access to my own personal improvement encyclopedia. He has helped me find a specific diet that works for me and my goals, even with my dietary restrictions. I’ve been using his breakfast ideas for the last 2 years and I don’t think I’ll ever stop.  He also helped me find the perfect workout routine for my tight schedule, so I can focus more on the things I care about. He opened my mind to some healthy practices and diet advice that I hadn’t even considered before. He also challenged my views on some traditional diet and exercise myths that I never would have considered to be untrue. Matt continues to help me achieve my health goals, as well as improve my general happiness and overall quality of life.” – Dave
  • @nisheethchauhan 
    • “Thanks for taking out time for the conversation that we just had. It was extremely helpful and insightful. It gave me a different and new approach towards my lifestyle and the food I plan to consume. Will definitely try and focus on the following pointers shared by you: Reducing the eating window, eliminating processed sugar, cutting out juices and including a micronutrient smoothie when possible, and walking around the office every hour or so. Overall, it was very insightful to have someone point out the common mistakes that I have been making in my lifestyle. I will definitely follow your tips.” – Nisheeth

Disclaimer – I am not a doctor. All advice given is from my own personal experience, or knowledge gained from podcasts or books.

To state the obvious, this is not free. DM us on Twitter or shoot over an email ( for pricing.


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