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The Genius Life is hosted by Max Lugavere (T: @maxlugavere IG: @maxlugavere). Mind Pump is made up of Adam Schafer (@mindpumpadam), Sal Di Stefano (@mindpumpsal), and Justin Andrews (@mindpumpjustin). Check out their fitness podcast.

Key Takeaways

  • Exercise:
    • Treat exercise like a skill
      • “When you treat exercise like a skill and you go to the gym to practice, rather than to go beat yourself up, you’ll see better success in the short-term and especially in the long-term”
      • Go to the gym to “practice squatting”, “practice deadlifting” etc.
    • Having more muscle speeds up your metabolism
    • Muscles don’t “tone” – they either build or they shrink
      • “Tone” and “toning” are terms invented by the fitness industry to attract women to work out
    • As a female, you will NOT get bulky if you start lifting weights
    • Exercise really just serves as a stimulus for your body to adapt
      • If you’re stressed, eat like shit, and hardly sleep – going to the gym and beating the crap out of yourself just won’t work
    • Working out fasted is up to personal preference
  • Diet and Nutrition:
    • “We eat because of emotion, we eat because of context, but very rarely do we eat because we’re hungry”
    • “Most of us who were born and raised in modern Western societies have never felt true hunger”
      • What we’ve associated with hunger is actually more like emotion, cravings, and boredom
    • Most people only associate food with taste
      • Learn to associate it with its health benefits
        • For example, more vegetables = better bowel movements, better mood, improve skin
        • Become aware of all the things food provides for you aside from just the taste of it
    • “If I were to list the top 15 priorities of building muscle and burning body fat, eating after you workout wouldn’t even make the list”
      • The whole “post-workout anabolic window” thing is a myth made up by the supplement industry to sell more protein powder
    • “Nobody needs to take a protein shake”
      • “Somewhere along the line protein shakes became a health food, but they’re not –  it’s a processed food”
      • The right amount of protein for athletic performance is about 0.6 to 0.8 grams per pound of body weight for lean individuals
        • If you can’t hit that with food – then sure use a protein shake
      • Related – Organifi makes a really good vegan protein powder
  • Weight loss and muscle gain:
    • To lose weight – you want your metabolism to speed up
      • It is NOT all about eating fewer calories
      • How can you speed up your metabolism?
        • “Nothing speeds up the metabolism or gets your body to burn more calories naturally like resistance training.”
    • Tips for gaining weight (and muscle):
      • Focus on the old-fashioned compound lifts – bench press, squats, deadlifts, overhead presses
      • Increase your caloric intake
        • If you can’t eat more, drink some of your calories – add a healthy smoothie with protein powder, fruit, and dairy in between meals
    • Other:
      • “Being vulnerable and being real is one of the best ways to get people to connect with you”
      • Long-term behavior changes start with small behavior changes that stick
        • The best diet/workout program/etc. is the one you actually stick to

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