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Found My Fitness Podcast: The Ice Man, Wim Hof

I couldn’t help but get out some notes on the immensely intriguing Wim Hof (aka the Ice Man). He’s recently been on not just the FoundMyFitness podcast, but also the Tim Ferris Show and Joe Rogan Experience. He was also the subject of a VICE Documentary with over 1 million views to date.

It’s so easy to try out his deep breathing technique and see how many push-ups you can do or how long you can hold your breath after wards. It’s pretty amazing, I’ve tried it.

@Iceman_Hof  www.Innerfire.nl


    • World record holder for longest ice bath (1 hour, 53 minutes)
    • Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in just shorts in 2 two days
    • Publication on him called the Wim Hof method (breathing techniques) where he proved his ability to fight endotoxin that was injected, along with training 12 novices to do the same in 4 days of training (vs. a control group)
      • 12 trained people were able to increase their epinephrine levels to that in line with 1st time bungee jumpers
        • 4 days of training, 4 days of waiting, then breathing techniques right before being injected with endotoxin
      • Epi/adrenaline increases likely due to hyperventilation and mild hypoxia which has been seen in multiple historical studies
      • Also produced about half the amount of pro-inflammatory molecules (TNFalpha) and 2x the amount of anti-inflammatory molecules (IL10) and these were there about an hour earlier than those without training
      • As a result they tolerated the assault much much better by not letting their immune system getting out of control and damaging normal tissue
      • Testing the Ice Man study is now taught in US Med Schools
    • Ran a marathon barefoot in a desert with no water, “running a marathon is about breathing techniques”
  • Cold Immersion/Cold Shock makes you actually feel good
  • Wim struggled in school and was told he was a failure if not a dr/lawyer/exec, but he looked for other alternatives that he actually wanted to do
    • Began reading about psychology/religion/meditation/philosophy/karate/yoga
    • Still not enough to satisfy what he was looking for
    • Attracted to a frozen lake on a lake, went in and in a minute he felt he was really going deep and soul searching
      • Felt great after and from their it all started, so he kept coming back
      • Pattern of breathing changed, bringing more oxygen in the body to keep him able to be in the water
      • Gave him control
      • Increases PH level (up to 7.75/8) and you don’t feel the pain/discomfort:
        • Usually very hard to increase PH in the blood
        • Pain receptors for acidity are deactivated at high ph and can’t send pain signals
      • His wife died with schizophrenia leaving him and 4 children and that was a massive challenge to avoid depression and used his techniques to help release helpful neurochemicals/hormones
        • This started him down his path to showing how hormones and psychology can be improved via Wim’s techniques
      • If you can’t tap into you immune system and control it, then you lose out on its ability
        • Wim’s techniques make him happy, strong and healthy
      • I don’t see any psychiatric facilities or hospitals in nature, but they survive – we have to return to nature
        • We thought we were better and dominate nature, but we are not
      • It’s just a matter of time/money to get more studies on something that costs nothing vs. incentives for pharmaceuticals
      • What do we want for our children? Love. What is Love?
        • Love is Happiness, strength and health
        • We will determine it by scientific scrutiny
      • Crazy monkey = Brain stem is about fight, flight, food, f*ck and freeze
        • It doesn’t think and so we over think everything then it doesn’t get sufficient blood flow to do its thing
      • The breathing of various meditations is a big part of the benefit
        • But by calming the mind, you allow blood flow to the monkey brain and allow new energy to reach the brain stems/parasympathetic nerve system to make new energy
      • Meditation takes Sooooo Looong to get into this, along with mindfulness (in the US these days)
        • Just go into Wim’s breathing method it’s soo much faster to get to the results
        • After 1min, 30 seconds without breathing, we are able to oxygenize the body beyond 100% and go below 30% (even though science currently thinks you die below this level) – down to 0% in some cases – Done in the 12 person study
      • Norepinephrine (increased by cold): Used to treat ADHD, depression
      • Epinephrine (by breathing): Used for anti-inflammatory, decreased CO2 and decreases pain
      • “Everybody told me I was crazy. I am crazy. About my life and about my Wife”
      • Feinstein Institute in Manhasset NY:
        • Demonstrated Wim influencing the Vagus nerve
        • Discussed various studies
        • Month later studies cancelled (they are sponsored by Pharma companies…)
      • Holland University study of Wim:
        • 80 minutes ice water immersion while increasing his core body temperature
        • Blood tested to show 100% cytokine suppression
      • Van Gogh: Was actually prescribed 2 ice baths per day from a psychiatric hospital (Wim had not heard about this)
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