Dan Carlin’s Common Sense: Pace of Innovation, Climate Change and Terrorism

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The Pace of Innovation and Climate Change

  • Simply given the billions of people alive today and more of those are educated, we have more minds/neurons today than ever before (James Burke)
  • Climate change = meteor flying at earth (bill gates), if it was a meteor wouldn’t we be working better as a planet to stop it? (I think it’s a function on perceived uncertainty and short term financial greed)
  • How can we accelerate pace of change?
  • How efficient gov is in research vs most venture capital? Most of VC is failed anyway, it’s just the ones that work that pay for the failures
  • Need for profit incentive to get private investment in climcate change/renewables going, no fortune, payoff is too far away, no incentive to switch
  • Threat from entrenched interests to innovation

Terror Attacks:

  • News anchors show true colors in emergency, some don’t know what to say without a teleprompter, others shine
  • Terrorism: emotional weapon, predictable human response
  • Mistakes (unintended civilian casualties) vs. celebrating civilian casualties (hard to argue those that celebrate the death of women/children are in any way defendable (this is not a freedom fighter…)
  • Jab: lashing out is great if you can hit them back- a tactic, NATO is powerless
  • Cruz: stop worrying about collateral damage. What, we already don’t…?
  • Can’t just kill all, who are “they”
  • We risk turning the West into THEM to try stop them, but not responding just seems wrong, no easy answer
    • Laws you want to use on others can easily be turned on you
    • What do you give up to try stop others from getting bad ideas?
      • Bad ideas change over time
    • Overreaction creates more problem, like drone strikes
  • We do not reward politicians who say we can’t do more/succeed
  • This was done with widely available us, no big weapons like nukes
  • Getting serious is not going to solve it, even the Nazis couldn’t stop who they thought were terrorists and they didn’t pull any punches
  • You’ll hate yourself in the historical “morning” as doing more will chew up positive part so f society: what the bad guys actually want
  • Grit teeth and be open in face of your challenge? And let those who die be our martyrs
  • Can you/we coexist with Jihad?
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