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Kapil Gupta: It’s All a Scam (Part II) – Crazy Wisdom

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Key Takeaways

  • Art cannot be prescribed, it emerges
  • “I don’t think humans raise children. Nature raises children. Humans interfere with children.”
  • The type of questions you ask creates your path in life
  • The question that governs Kapil’s life:
    • “What is it that is sitting before me right now that I just haven’t seen?”
  • “Losing your mind is precisely the path to sanity”
  • “Mental health is far more related to the average human than it is to a hospitalized patient”
    • “The real mental health issue is normal life”



  • “With prescriptions, you cannot authentically communicate”
  • Prescriptions are fine for mechanical things (like diet advice or how to do a specific exercise)
    • But anything more artful – that’s where prescriptions fall apart
      • “Art cannot be prescribed. Art emerges. In order to allow it to emerge, one must find the source within oneself from which that art arises.”
      • If prescriptions are given in an artful domain, you’ll spend all your effort just trying to please the instructor – you’ll never end up creating art

A Little Bit About Kapil

  • “I’m just speaking the truth. Whether it resonates with a given individual or not doesn’t matter to me….I’m not trying to change or convince anyone. I don’t think anyone should follow what I say. I’m just speaking the truth about how the human organism responds to things independent of his own conscious and how the mind works.”


  • “I don’t think humans raise children. Nature raises children. Humans interfere with children.”
  • “I don’t think any human being knows how to raise a child”
    • It’s just that humans aren’t wired to know how to raise another human being
      • We ourselves haven’t reached enlightenment/wisdom/wholeness etc.
    • “The person who would truly know how to raise a child is the person who had arrived at perfection themselves”
      • “Once a person arrives at perfection/wisdom etc., all that emanates from him/her becomes the perfect living example”

Technology and Progress

  • Technology serves to increase the overall comfort level of humanity
    • But comfort sure hasn’t made human beings wiser and more satisfied in any domain
  • “While technology has certainly increased our ability to communicate, most of what’s communicated is nonsense and drivel”
    • If what is being propagated is nonsense, then you could argue technology actually serves a negative impact on society
  • “If there was but one book written once every 20 years…and you could only buy it at one store in one city in the entire nation, but that book spoke the ABSOLUTE TRUTH, I would argue that book would be FAR greater a benefit to humanity than all of this technology”

Kapil’s Thoughts on God

  • “If someone is completely devoted to God, whatever God he/she may choose, and he gives his life to God, then that has just as profound a benefit as enlightenment or anything else”
    • The problem occurs when someone believes a God and raises a flag, bows at an altar, and attempts to create clever transactions of trying to exchange X for wealth/prosperity
      • “That’s not God, that’s a flea market”

The Spiritual World

  • “The spiritual word is a very disingenuous cast of characters. They haven’t gotten anywhere themselves and they teach others how not to get there as well so students can remain permanent disciples, allowing teachers a pulpit to sit so they can continue teaching nonsensical, ineffective techniques that go nowhere”

The Power of Good Questions

  • “Questions create the path, answers remove one from it”
  • Good questions are like a precise scalpel that cuts to the heart of the matter
  • “The question you’re trying to answer is never the one what you think it is. It’s one you have to go through layers in order to find. That very question will create a very specific journey.”
    • The questions you ask create your path in life
      • Each type of question you ask leads you on a different path/avenue
        • This is why the questions you ask are so important
      • EVERY path is tied to a specific question 

The Question That Governs Kapil’s Life (and his greatest fear)

  • “What is it that is sitting before me right now that I just haven’t seen?”
    • “To me, the greatest fear is that 5 years from now I will learn something that right now I could have known, but because of whatever opaque lens I may be seeing through, I’m not seeing it”
      • “THAT is my greatest fear. Far greater than death. I welcome death this very evening. Death can come any time. In fact, I think I’ve lived long enough…I’ve seen plenty.”
      • “The idea of wasting my life, of wasting years because things I haven’t seen…because I didn’t have the wisdom to see it at that time…that is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE to me”

Why don’t human beings see the obvious?

  • A lack of interest
  • “Human beings are very preoccupied individuals, they’re caught in the momentum of everyday existence.”
    • Everyone is caught up in putting out the fires of daily life
      • The fires in a relationship…the fires at work…the fires of what pleasure to satisfy next…the fire of why this person doesn’t like me anymore

The Hunt for the Truth

  • “The truth is not a movement towards pleasure, the truth is a movement towards the absence of the need for pleasure”
    • All pleasure fades
    • Reality on the other hand never leaves you
  • “The truth is not an experience, it is a steady realization which brings you to a new plane of existence”
  • “Human beings tend to chase experiences so that they can bask in the pleasure of the experience they had and then attempt to have it again”


  • “Losing your mind is precisely the path to sanity”
  • “Man is fundamentally a schizophrenic, and losing his mind is precisely the way out”
    • We hear thoughts all day long
    • We read into things that no one says
    • We see things that aren’t there
    • We believe we’re someone we’re not

On Art and the Flaws of Instruction

  • True art only arrives without instruction
  • “Whenever one sees a flaw in technique, it is only the novice instructor that attempts to fix the flaw at the level of the flaw. He fails to understand that flaw is a natural effect of a cause that happens miles and miles away.”
  • “Art class is an oxymoron”
    • Related – “You cannot break a dynamic movement into a static instruction”

True Freedom

  • True freedom is freedom from:
    • One’s mind
    • The chase
    • Prescriptions
    • Pleasure
    • Temporariness and fleeting things
    • The attraction to things that don’t produce satisfaction (aka sincerity)
      • The more sincere one becomes about arriving at a goal, the less he is tempted by temporary and fleeting pleasures

Mental Health

  • “Mental health is far more related to the average human than it is to a hospitalized patient”
    • “The real mental health issue is normal life”
    • “Full-blown psychosis is more dramatic and catching to the eye. The psychosis of everyday man goes unnoticed because the one who notices is himself psychotic.”

Life Extension

  • “What is the point of survival unless you live in wisdom?”
    • “Why would you want to extend a miserable life? Why would you want 50 extra years of pleasure chasing?
    • “To me, life is too long as it is”
  • Humans are enamored by the idea of “more”

Kapil’s Thoughts on Life

  • “I completely agree with Buddha – life is suffering”
  • “This is not a life of peace, wisdom, freedom, and satisfaction – it is a life of change, a life of loss, a life of ups and downs….I don’t find great solace in this thing that we call life”


  • “I’m not impressed by books, they’re just full of prescriptions”
  • Kapil’s thoughts on the writing of Jiddu Krishnamurti:
    • He sure was sincere/serious, but he suffered from a need to make those who listened to him as sincere as him
    • “He would have been far more effective if he just stated what he found”

Wrapping Up

  • “The only worthy pursuit is to do something that people generally have not seen anywhere else before and not from the standpoint of being the first, but because your level of purity has gone so deep that you just happen to be the first without trying to do so”
    • Focus on being the first one to go deep in a certain topic, as opposed to being the first to bring something to the world for the first time

Random Yet Insightful

  • “When you are genuine about something, you tend to attract those who are genuine as well”
  • “A lot of physical pain is a manifestation of emotional pain”
  • “Validation is the road to hell
    • “The need for validation stops when you are satisfied by the purity behind the words that you speak…when that satisfaction is enough and does not need to be supported by any extra validation from anyone else”

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