Good Time on Clubhouse with Elon Musk:

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Hosts – Aarthi Ramamurthy Sriram Krishnan Marc Andreesen  Steven Sinofsky Garry Tan

Top Quotes from Elon Musk –

  • “I don’t want to prescribe what happens in the future. I just want to make sure the future happens.”
  • “Doing a startup is like eating glass and staring into the abyss for a long period of time.”
  • “If you need encouraging words, don’t do a startup.”
  • My saying “Who controls the memes, controls the Universe” is based off of Dune’s “he who controls the spice controls the universe”. Memes are spice. I love memes. They can be very insightful.”
  • “I have some pretty kickass meme dealers.”

On Mars – 

  • Elon is primarily concerned with sustaining human consciousness in case of an extinction event caused by humans (WWIII) or nature. His job is to get people there and begin building. 
  • Once we have a reusable rocket with orbital refilling with a low-cost propellant, we can go to Mars. 
  • Having a self-sustaining city on Mars is one of the most important things for sustaining our consciousness.
  • It will require dangerous, hard work to build large scale infrastructure and will be an adventure.
  • Host: “Would you let your kids go to Mars?”
    • I wouldn’t mind, but they haven’t indicated that they want to go yet.

On Neuralink – 

  •  In the short-term, we want to create a device that will allow people with certain spinal disabilities to use a computer by just thinking.
  •  In the long-term, NeuraLink could eventually let us encode ourselves into robots.
  • Humans became cyborgs with the onset of smartphones, but the interface bandwidth is too low. Elon envisions a neural link that increases the bandwidth between humans and computers 1000x. “We will just send our thoughts directly to each other”
  • Neuralink is experimenting with monkeys and Elon is proud to have “the best monkey facilities” according to an expert. He wants to see the monkeys play pong with each other using only their brain. 

On Education

  • Elon’s kids seem to learn the most from Youtube and Reddit. 
  • We need to establish the relevant vs. irrelevant. Kids need to know the “why” of what they’re learning

On Tesla

  • Tesla’s goal is to advance sustainable energy. They want to make 20 million cars a year. The current limiting factor is the production of battery cells. Tesla has begun self-producing cells alongside its suppliers 
  • Tesla’s self-driving system is governed by 8 synchronized, simultaneous cameras. As opposed to humans, with basically one camera on a slow gimbal. 
  •  For self-driving on real-world roads, you have to fully solve computer vision. Just like how we run a bunch of neural nets in our brains when we drive. The road will be safer with self-driving. 

On Bitcoin and Doge

  • “I do think Bitcoin is a good thing” It’s on the verge of being accepted by mainstream finance. 
  • Elon recalled a story of being fed a Bitcoin cake in 2013. He admitted he’s a bit late to the party now. 
  • On Dogecoin – The coin was literally made as a joke, but “fate loves irony”. It would be the most ironic and entertaining outcome if Dogecoin became the currency of the future. 

Elon at Work – 

  • Wake up and see if there’s an emergency on text or email, which there often is. Then he does his many chores. “If I don’t do my chores, things go to hell”.
  • His days are filled with essential meetings. He enjoys in-person meetings more than email. Anything is better than email for Musk 
  • He doesn’t recommend living a life like his. The most difficult part of the day is context switching. “Maybe at some point, I should take a week off or something”
  • Elon told stories of sleeping on the ground in the middle of the loud warehouse floor. He was asking his workers to go all out and he wanted to show that he could take the pain too.

Elon and Vlad Tenev – Founder of Robinhood

  • The most captivating part of this Club House conversation was listening to Elon come alive and talk to Vlad about what actually happened at Robinhood last week.  
  • Vlad explained that Robinhood was contacted at 3:30 am on 1/28/2021 by the National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC) saying they needed 3 billion dollars to continue operating. Robinhood fought to lower the number so that trading could resume. In order to lower the number, they had to put restrictions on trading. 

Some questions Elon asked Vlad- 

  • Did something shady happen? 
  • Is anyone holding you hostage?
  • Did you have no choice, and who are these people who said that you had no choice?
  • It was as if they had a gun to your head and you had to fork up the money? 
  • Elon didn’t seem too pleased with any of the answers as Vlad cited unprecedented times and the fact that Robinhood needed to answer to the NSCC. Vlad also isn’t quite sure of exactly how the NSCC operates. 

Random Fun

  • Elon’s watching Cobra Kai and watched The Last Kingdom
  • He first came to Silicon Valley in the summer of 92 or 93 and remembers being too afraid to talk to anybody in Netscape’s lobby. 
  • “For the UFO sightings to be conclusive, the sightings’ pictures have to have a greater or equal resolution as of 7 Eleven’s ATM screen.”
  • Elon hates working out and will watch things on his treadmill. 
  • If a picture is worth 1,000 words than a meme = 10,000. 
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