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Freakonomics: Why is My Life So Hard

"Most of us feel we face more headwinds and obstacles than everyone else — which breeds resentment. We also undervalue the tailwinds that help us — which leaves us ungrateful and unhappy. How can we avoid this trap?"

Freakonomics: Food + Science = Victory

Dubner speaks with Kenji Lopez-Alt of Serious Eats fame. Kenji makes Alton Brown's approach to food look childish. This is a wonderful show chock full of great cooking tips for delicious foods (as well as ways to simply eat healthier from some of the other guests). If you're into cooking or being healthier, you'll enjoy

Freakonomics: How to Create Suspense

Listen to the Podcast, Podcast Score: 7/10 Microphones Writer Perspective: Harlan Coben (author of The Stranger and many others) Tips on suspense/surprise: Know the ending, this allows you to take detours and still ensure you get back to the road to the end correctly Play with normal perception: Show you something you have seen before to create