Bulletproof Radio – The Oura Ring Episode with Harpreet Rai

  • Harpreet Rai is the CEO of Oura Health, a company in Finland that developed the Oura Ring
    • The Oura Ring is the world’s first wellness ring (and app), that analyzes your sleep, recovery, and daily activity levels
  • Sleep is foundation of your body and mind
  • “Getting good sleep is one of the best biohacks you can do”
    • But it’s harder than ever to get adequate sleep in this day in age – we have Netflix, constant notifications, excess blue light etc.
  • 15% of the population works out on a weekly basis, but 99.9% of the population is sleeping on a daily basis
  • The sleep you get every night, has a huge impact on how you feel and how you perform – mentally, emotionally, and physically
  • If you’re not getting adequate deep sleep, you probably won’t have high levels of free testosterone the following day
  • When you get less than 6 hours of sleep, your risk for injury goes up by 50%
  • “Sleep is a leading indicator, and sometimes activity is a lagging indicator”
    • “Focus on tomorrow today, by focusing on sleep first”
  • The sleep industry is valued at $40 billion
  • The best thing you can do to lose weight – get 8 hours of sleep a night
  • Dave says that grip strength in the morning correlates with toxin exposure and quality of sleep
The Oura Ring
  • Why a ring, and not a wrist strap?
    • The pulse signal from your finger, is about 50-100x stronger compared to your wrist
  • Based on Oura Ring’s data, women sleep better
    • Perhaps this is due to the fact men are drinking more, eating later, and tend to work late more often
    • Think on an evolutionary basis – mother nature wires women to wake up at the slightest sound, in case something is happening to their children
    • Based on data – men are more sensitive to light
  • The data also shows women tend to go to sleep at a more consistent time than men
  • In the future, Oura plans to release more of their data insights
  • The Oura Ring is fantastic for showing you how many times you wake up during the night (that you don’t even know about)
  • You’ll get the most ROI from your workouts, when you work out fully recovered – the Oura Ring will allow you to gauge this
    • “Recovery is as important as exercise, and no one recovers without sleep” – Dave
The Oura Ring  – 2
  • Note from Podcast Notes – Purchase an Oura Ring from our link for a $40 discount
  • Each night, the Oura Ring gives you a sleep score based on your amount of REM + deep sleep, your hear rate variability, and lowest resting heart rate, all in conjunction with how often you woke up and your total time in bed
    • When you’re sleep score is high – push yourself in your workouts
  • If you have a high heart rate variability (HRV – meaning you’re in the parasympathetic state during the night) and get enough sleep, you’ll perform better in activity the next day
  • The Oura Ring also provides a “readiness score”
    • When it’s low – it’s not a good day for you to exercise
  • The data the Oura Ring provides, will allow you to actually see how well you’re sleeping
    • You can correlate this with certain dietary and lifestyle changes
  • Users have reported, when eating something like a pint of ice cream before bed – they have a low high rate variability, high resting heart rate, and low REM+deep sleep
Hormones and Sleep
  • If you sleep poorly one night,  something that would not normally raise your blood sugar a significant amount, will indeed do just that, the following day
  • Also interesting…
    • When melatonin is released, the beta cells in the pancreas (which regulate insulin production) “go to bed themselves”
    • So they’re not going to be as effective, if you eating something sugary late at night
  • With poor sleep, ghrelin and leptin get all out of wack
    • Ghrelin is the hunger hormone – when ghrelin levels rise, you’re hungry
    • Leptin is the satiety hormone – it’s levels tend to rise after a meal, signaling the body to stop eating
    • So with crappy sleep, you’re craving more food, which you eat, and then you don’t feel as full – it’s a recipe for weight gain
Cool Sleep Products and Tips
  • One of Dave’s favorite tips for helping him get to sleep – eating a small spoonful of raw honey before bed
    • Note – it’s not raw honey any more if you put it in hot tea
  • Dave recommends the Sonic Sleep app
    • It measures the sound level in the room, and makes white noise based on the volume
    • When you’re in deep or REM sleep, it makes changes to the sounds emitted, to allow you to get more of each
    • Dave uses it when he’s traveling, Harpreet too
  • Blue light blocking glasses
    • Dave uses TrueDark Classic Twilight glasses(use the code “PodcastNotes10” for 10% off at checkout) 
    • He also uses the TrueDark Daywalker glasses (use the code “PodcastNotes10” for 10% off at checkout) – these block half the blue light during the day
    • With the Oura Ring, he’s found both help him sleep better
      • He claims he has doubled the amount of deep sleep he gets, by wearing the Twilight glasses for 1-2 hours before bed
  • Dave has noticed his Oura sleep score is much higher (so his quality of sleep is better) if he completely blacks out all the lighting in his bedroom (this includes covering LEDs and using black out curtains)
    • You might also do this by wearing a sleep mask
    • The one linked is a Manta. It’s truly black-out & has cooling rings if you want something soothing.  15% off with PODCASTNOTES15
  • Supplements
What will an Oura Ring look like in the future?
  • Perhaps by wearing two rings, you could be taking a constant EKG
  • A better battery – so you won’t have to charge it 1x a week
  • More data – you can add many additional sensors
    • Ambient light sensors
    • EDA sensors
    • GSR (galvanic skin response) sensors – to test the quality of your sweat
      • These sensors can tell you whether you’re in “fight or flight” mode
  • In theory, you should be able to get to a point where you can compare your Oura Ring data to your calendar
    • So you might be able to say – “Meetings with this person always raise my stress levels” etc.
  • They plan to introduce a meditation mode
    • This will allow you to see that when you do meditate, your heart rate variability and respiration rate improves
    • You’ll be able to correlate the whether or not you meditate a certain day, with your quality of sleep
What are Harpreet’s 3 pieces of advice for everyone?
  • Improve your sleep
  • Find a mentor you can learn from
  • Do what makes you happy – you’re not on this earth to make other people happy
    • “This life is yours”
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