Bulletproof Radio: Summer Bock on Fermented Foods and Restoring Gut Health

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Summerbock.org and gutrebuilding.com@Fermentationist

  • Dave Asprey (host) working with a 26 Channel EEG and Neuro-feedback experimentation
  • Cool Fact of the Day: Found a Bacteria just discovered that can infect by simple touch rather than responding to chemical signals (pseudomonas aroganosa) can affect humans, animals, plants, etc.
  • BulletProof Conference for biohackers upcoming with over 1,000 attendees (3rd annual), not a profit driven event
  • Top Advice:
    • Handle your whole life (organize your desk, clean fridge, etc.)
    • Clean up your relationships, starting with your family
      • Break a destructive familiar pattern, you save future generations from it
    • Surround yourself with people who intimidate the hell out of you because they are so smart
  • Summer Bock: Designed the Gut Rebuilding Program, Master Fermentationist
    • Microbiologist certified by Columbia U.
    • Had incredibly bad environmental allergies and wanted to do something “I shouldn’t be allergic to the world I was born in” “This doesn’t make any sense”
    • ’s response was that she knew more than she did and nothing she could do to help
    • Let go of the safety net that someone else can help and I took 100% control of my health
    • Crucial Question: What is the whole food version of probiotics?
    • Fermentationist: Self-described title, certifies others
      • Focuses on the microbiology of fermented foods (not focused on alcohol/cured meats) as medicine
      • Dave is skeptical that what grows on meat can be very pathogenic as that can be dangerous
        • Meats/fats will have lots of histamines
      • Not all probiotics and fermented foods help, some gain make you gain weight
        • The species matters, your body matters, it’s very complex
      • Every food has a process to break them down: You digest them, your bacteria digest them and then make new things (multi-step process)
      • Bacteria create cellulose that we can’t produce that help break down cellulose
        • They not just unlock vitamins, but create them and unlock short-chain fatty acids
        • We are powered by fat, even with no fat diet as the bacteria create them (we NEED fat as a macronutrient)
          • Fats could have different effects when eaten vs. created by the gut and we might need both
        • Summer asks herself: “What did my ancestors do, I spend a lot of time thinking about that” “They have a deeper understanding of their bodies and much less stress”
          • *Really? They were trying to survive and avoid wild predators…*
        • Summer is very susceptible to sugar addiction and needs to be aware of this to avoid
          • Happy to be relaxed about eating to not be scared to eat foods before knowing if you’re going to have a bad reaction
        • Alice Jameson: Women, Food and Desire
        • Dave: Really good clean chocolate is worth it, the mass stuff is really crappy
          • Most gluten doesn’t taste good anyway, but it is worth it for Really Good bread (agreed!)
        • What in your life are you not handling? Is your house clean? Relationships? Etc.?
          • You need to figure out your whole life, not just what you eat (Emotional Detox)
          • Stress actually increases the bad things made by bacteria in your gut
        • “The decisions of our past are the architects of our present”
          • You are a minimum 10 thousand decisions away from being healthier, the benefits from down the road
          • Today you are the result of all the decisions you’ve made over your entire life
          • The more brains/people trying to help with decisions the better
        • Can you trust your taste/smell? When?
          • NOT when you’re used to eating junk, you love that and your senses love that (don’t go with that)
            • You need to eat food that overwhelms your sense to cut through the noise
          • You need your nutrient level up and heal your body before you can trust your senses
            • Dave: Train your body’s intuition, Then you can train yourself to know, everything you eat with make you
              • Stronger
              • Weaker
              • No change
            • Kids just know this and what not to eat
            • Gut intuition is a thing: There isn’t good/bad food, but it depends on context/personal body needs, etc.
            • Glen Alzinga, Alder Spring Farms: Best grad-fed beef in the US
              • Allow cows to eat the exact grass that has what they need
            • Red Wine isn’t good for you, but it is enjoyable
            • We are marionettes and the bacteria are the puppet masters
              • Bacteria can cause cravings by triggering neurochemicals from your gut that react with the brain
            • moldymovie.com (Dave’s new movie)
              • Mold in environment talks to bacteria in your body and makes it thing it is under attack, then creating LPS (lipopolysaccharide), a film to protect itself (not good for you)
                • Liver then tries to detox it, if it can’t then it goes to your brain and you feel like crap and you crave sugar (which you feed the bacteria like Candida to stop making you feel badly)
                • They are holding you hostage to feed them more sugar
              • How do you know what grows on foods when you ferment it?
                • Depends on how long you ferment it? –at least 3 weeks
                • Keep it in airtight container
                • Lactic acid tends to kill off any others that are around in small amounts
                • Lactobacillus can break down histamines
              • An actual microbiome cleanse:
                • Mostly fruits and vegetables (still have some bacteria, but it is minimal)
              • Actionable Plan To Help Your Cut:
                • 3 Main Causes: Antibiotics and Nutrient Deficient Food set the stage and then Stress is the trigger
                  • Every time you take antibiotics, it gets harder to get your system back
                • Increase nutrient dense foods (fermented foods)
                • Detoxify body on all levels and fix ph of your bodily organs to prevent wrong bacteria from growing
                  • 60 Days of veggies and fruits (this is very hard), no sugar (max 25 grams/day)
                    • Lower fat/protein vs. Bullet Proof Diet
                  • Most cleanses are bizarre…
                  • Hercules Blender that Dave uses
                • Use herbs, some supplements if necessary
              • You don’t get to decide the order in which your body heals / You heal from the inside out (e.g. skin heals from the inside first, illness, weakness)
              • Heart Math Inner Balance Sensor for your Ear
                • Help you be aware and control your stress response
              • Osha Root and Mogs: eaten by bears after hibernation to be antiviral and probiotic
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