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#Plog: Routines & Avoiding Stupidity – A Solo Episode with James Beshara on Below the Line

Key Takeaways

  • Adam Robinson, during his appearance on The Knowledge Project (Part I and Part II Podcast Notes), defined stupidity as “overlooking or dismissing conspicuously crucial information”
  • Adam also discussed 7 factors that cause stupidity (which all happen to be present in U.S. hospitals):
    • Being outside of your normal environment
    • Changing your routines
    • Being in the presence of a group
    • Being in the presence of an expert
    • Doing any task that requires intense focus and not being in an environment that allows for it
    • Information overload
    • Physical or emotional stress
    • (For on the above, check out this blog post: How Not to Be Stupid)
  • Building off the above, there are over 440,000 deaths caused by hospital-related accidents every year (about 15x the number of automobile accidents)
  • Over the past several years, James has focused particularly hard on keeping a steady routine (which helps, as he puts it, avoid stupidity):
    • He wakes up at the same time each morning
    • After waking up, he’ll check his phone and then take a handful of supplements
    • Then, he has breakfast (the same thing everyday) & tea
  • Jocko Willink was right: Discipline in your routines = FREEDOM
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