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How to Make Money with Purpose | Seth Godin and Erick Godsey on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast

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Key Takeaways

  • A freelancer only needs ~10-20 clients to make a living
  • No being in the past or future has your unique set of skills and experiences. You have something to offer the world. Share your medicine. Someone out there needs it. 
  • “If you don’t feel like an impostor, either you’re a sociopath, or you’re not trying hard enough” – Seth Godin
  • Fear will ALWAYS be present—learn to act in its presence
  • “I don’t believe you should do what you’re passionate about; I believe you should be passionate about what you do. Waiting for passion to show up means waiting for fear to go away, and fear is never going to go away.” – Seth Godin
  • Leap into the unknown. More often than not, you’ll be glad you did.


The Difference Between Freelancing & Entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurship is building an entity bigger than yourself which allow you to make money while you sleep
    • Your job as an entrepreneur is to hire people to do every job, so you only have the responsibility of hiring people
  • Freelancing is using your unique skill set to make something only YOU could have made
    • Freelancing only scales by getting better (higher-paying) clients, because, at some point, you run out of time

You Have Options

  • Whether freelancer, entrepreneur, or “indepreneur,” there are many options for making money outside of the typical 9-to-5
    • (Aubrey & Erick like to refer to freelancers as “indepreneurs”—independent entrepreneurs)
  • Don’t think you have what it takes to be a “coach”?
    • Often, the best coaches are only a few steps ahead of their clients. You don’t need to be a master; you only need to be one step ahead in the direction your client wants to go.
  • Fact: The freelancing economy is valued at $1 trillion
  • Similar to 1,000 true fans, a freelancer only needs ~10-20 clients to make an honest living—that’s it! In the internet & social media age, this is easily possible.
    • “If you have 10 coaching clients, you’re fine. If you have 20 coaching clients, you’re too busy.”Seth Godin

Serve the World in a Way Only YOU Can

  • Not sure you’re unique enough to offer the world something of value?
    • “No being in the past or future will have your combination of genes and experiences. There’s something that only you can give the world. If you find the disparate parts of your experiences and your skillset, and you bring them together, there’s a unique thing that only you can do that you’re the best in the world at.”Erick Godsey

Why a Great Marketer is Like a Lifeguard

  • If you were a lifeguard, and someone was drowning, you’d jump in and save them (and if you spoke with the person you saved afterward, they’d be glad you did!)
  • Similarly, a marketer’s job is to show up with a product or service that improves someone’s life (just like a lifeguard “shows up” to save)

The Fine Line of Marketing Manipulation; When is it Okay to Manipulate Your Consumer?

  • The framework: If your consumer knew what you knew, would they be disappointed with you “manipulating” them? If not, then by all means. 
    • For example, a used car salesman knows how to manipulate someone into buying a car they’ll later regret—this is fundamentally different from a cardiologist “manipulating” someone to quit smoking

It’s Not Unethical to Share Your Gift with the World in Exchange for Money

  • In fact, it’s unethical not to. Think about the people you could be helping.
    • EVERYONE on earth has a skill or story that, if they shared or gave to the world around them, would be akin to a lifeguard saving someone from drowning, Share your medicine. There’s someone out there who needs it.

Be a Marketer with Empathy (Nobody is Marketing Something for Everyone)

  • “Part of the empathy of marketing is to say, ‘I don’t know what you know, I don’t believe what you believe, and that’s okay, but let me try to understand who you are and where you’re going before I even tell you what I made because it might not be for you.’ If we’re not comfortable saying, ‘It’s not for you,’ then we can’t possibly be a marketer with empathy.” – Seth Godin
    • Realize: Your message is NOT for everybody
  • Erick has some advice for helping to find your audience: imagine giving advice to the version of yourself 10 years ago—whoever that person it, there are thousands of people out there like that
    • “You find your true audience by talking to the version of you in your past that needed the wisdom you have now and by not trying to be something for everybody.” – Erick Godsey
  • The above relates to the famous quote: “When you try to talk to everybody, you’re heard by no one”
  • Also, the quality of your audience is often more important than the size
    • If you’re posting away on social media, and your follower count is stagnant, that’s okay! You’re likely losing the low-tier followers who don’t care about your content and gaining those who do. 

If You Don’t Have Impostor Syndrome…

  • “If you don’t feel like an impostor, either you’re a sociopath, or you’re not trying hard enough”Seth Godin
  • The goal: Allow your impostor syndrome to “sit next to” your passion for doing good work
    • In other words, fear & impostor syndrome will ALWAYS be present; learn to act in their presence

Start a Side Project ASAP

  • “I started—with a couple of other people—a business in college that became the largest student-run business in the U.S. I’m stunned that everyone doesn’t do that. You’ve got your room and board covered one way or the other—why aren’t you running ten different side gigs? It doesn’t have to be a business … It could be whatever you’re interested in. Where is your podcast? How is it that you’re 21-years-old and there aren’t a hundred episodes of your podcast on iTunes?” – Seth Godin

Forget Following Your Passion

  • “I don’t believe you should do what you’re passionate about; I believe you should be passionate about what you do. Waiting for passion to show up means waiting for fear to go away, and fear is never going to go away.”Seth Godin
    • Passion is a choice. You can DECIDE to be passionate about your work, and once you do, good things follow suit.
  • Related: If you’re passionate about something, go for it! Fear never dissipates. Learn to act in its presence.

Salto Mortale: Take the Leap of Faith Into the Void

  • ‘Salto Mortale’ is an Italian expression which translates to “the leap into the void”—it’s the pit in your stomach before committing to something you know might not work
  • Successful people willingly (and quickly) leap into unknown territory
    • Like Kamal Ravikant says, “Leap, and the net will appear”
    • “A lot of people who are seen by the outside world as successful are simply successful because they figured out how to hack the leaping” – Seth Godin
  • Joseph Campbell has said, “In the cave you fear is the treasure you seek”
    • In other words, take the leap. You’ll be glad you did. 

Learning and Education Aren’t the Same (and Why Education is in Trouble)

  • “Learning and education are not the same thing. Education is a top-down coercion-based system of compliance that was built by industrialists to get people to behave long enough to get a job.” – Seth Godin
  • Learning, though, is something you do on your own out of choice
    • Seth explains: “No one becomes a baseball fan because they got educated in baseball. They became a baseball fan because they wanted to. There’s no baseball textbook for you to read. You choose to learn something. We all learned our native language on our own without a test.”
  • “Education is in real trouble because we built an engine around it, and that engine is no longer doing what it needs to do. We cannot win by being more compliant than anyone else, because either a computer or someone in a lower paid wage country will be more compliant than us. With any job where I can write down exactly what you do all day, I’m going to get someone cheaper than you to do it.” Seth Godin
    • So, we have no choice but to do jobs where we can’t write down what we do all day long, and the only way to do those jobs is by learning and caring enough to improvise/make change as we go
    • Erick adds: “If you want to thrive in the economy that we’re in, you have to learn how to work in a way that can’t be written down.”

Who Does College Make Sense For?

  • “Some people shouldn’t go to college—maybe most people. College is a great place to go if that piece of paper you get when you leave opens doors for you that you couldn’t get any other way.”Seth Godin
  • The sad fact: for most, college is a high school experience with more binge drinking
    • What if, instead of drinking your way through college obtaining a liberal arts degree, you spent those 4 years building things, helping people, connecting others, and leading? At the end of those 4 years, your head start would be DRAMATIC.

Wrapping Up

  • YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO OFFER THE WORLD. What are you waiting for?
  • “The greatest form of hell is when you arrive at that last moment of your life, and you have to stare your potential in the eye and say, ‘I was afraid. I’m sorry.'” – Erick Godsey

Additional Notes

  • Human respond to stories and examples, not facts
  • Often, one small act of kindness or love can change the course of reality
  • Carl Jung has said, “That which in the other person irritates you is assigned to the part of you that you’re unconscious to”
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