Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin – Blogs, Platforms, and Permission

Permission Marketing
  • Check out Seth’s book – Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers
  • Anticipated, personal, and relevant messages, are more likely to resonate with people than spam
  • Building an email list, is about slowly building a list of people who want to hear from you
  • “The goal isn’t to reach a lot of people, it’s to reach the right people, and to reach them in a way that they’re glad you showed up”
  • Anticipated, personal, and relevant – they’d miss you if you didn’t “show up”
IdeasThat Spread, Win
  • One of Seth’s earlier gigs was writing a weekly column for Fast Company magazine
    • His goal for the column – write something that people would xerox, and put in the mailbox slot of everyone else in the office – Ideas that spread win
  • Serve a small group of people, with an idea they want to share
    • Tell people something they already believe, something they already want to share
    • Just write it in a way that makes it easy to share
Blogs and Google
  • Google has changed everything
  • The fact of the matter is, most people never get past the first page of result on Google 
  • Everybody who has a service/job/blog, anybody who wants to make a difference, wants to be found by Google
    • “Google is the biggest haystack in the history of the world”
    • The challenge – getting found for a generic term
  • Most of the time, people aren’t sure what they’re searching for
  • At the beginning, it was easy to play in ways that the Google algorithm favored, and got more than your fair share of visits
    • AKA SEO – search engine optimization
    • Google ranked pages based on what people linked to the page we’re saying, not based on what was on the page
    • If you wanted to be found – it would be smart to write blog posts that were shared widely
    • Over time, people at the top worked harder to maintain their position atop the Google search algorithm, as opposed to working harder to serve people better – so SEO developed a bad reputation
      • For large amounts of advertising dollars, people could get more links than they deserved
  • “You cannot trust that your needle will get found in the haystack. You cannot trust that the search term you seek to own will end up with you on top. If you’re not on top, you might as well be invisible. The alternative – win when someone searches for you.”
    • The game goes from “How do I persuade Google to find me when someone is looking for the generic?” to “How do I persuade the public to look for the specific?”
      • The best advice to do this – change the people you engage with people so much, that they want to tell other people specifically about you
      • Write things, create things, make things that people choose to share
  • Trusting the middle man on the internet is dangerous
    • By building content on Facebook or LinkedIn – “You are working for a landlord that does not care about you. They have no contractual obligation to keep their word.”
    • At any time, they can start charging you money to reach your audience
    • Instead – engage with a platform that has a relationship to you
Changing the Culture
  • “If you’re going to change the culture, you have to figure out how to bypass the generic Google search, and instead reach a few – the smallest viable audience, the group of people you seek to serve”
    • Connect those people with each other, and with your ideas, in such a way that you become the specific, not the generic
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