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The Podcast Notes Team

Yoni: Founder and CEO of Podcast Notes (started in 2015). The very first notes were taken during a long train commute and things have grown from there. My background is actually in biotech/drug development and I have and MBA from NYU Stern and degrees in Economics and Psychology from Cornell University.

Favorite Podcasts:

  • All Things Naval
  • The Portal
  • Hardcore History

Matt: Joined the Podcast Notes team back in 2017 and likes to consider himself the “world’s first professional podcast listener.” He has a master’s degree in materials engineering, loves traveling in Southeast Asia, and can’t get enough of both Vietnamese & Thai cuisine. When he’s not grinding out notes, he’s either in the squat rack, doing deadlifts, or sweating in the sauna. His guilty pleasure? Watching travel vlogs on YouTube. Fun fact: As of writing, he’s been to 20+ (!) Above & Beyond shows.

Favorite Podcasts:

  • The Tim Ferriss Show
  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • The Peter Attia Drive
  • FoundMyFitness with Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Favorite Episodes:


Alex Wieckowski (@AlexandBooks) grew up in NYC and earned a Master’s degree in business from Baruch College. He describes himself as a perpetual learner. When he’s not covering podcasts for Podcast Notes, he’s usually reading a book to share on his book blog (Alex & Books). In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball, snowboarding, and traveling to new cities.

Favorite Podcasts:

  • The James Altucher Show
  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

Favorite Episodes:

Eileen: Eileen is a freelance writer and former journalist for The Buffalo News.  She writes articles, newsletters and blogs, tutors writing and is a member of the Explore Buffalo Marketing Advisory Board. She likes all things snow—and the Buffalo Bills, (of course). Favorite podcasts are The Journal – (episode: How Google Shapes Your Search Results); You Are Not So Smart (episode: The Happiness Lab); Were You Raised by Wolves (episode: Questions from the Wild)


Mostafa is based in Egypt, he fell into the Bitcoin rabbit hole in 2017 and later quit corporate life to do Bitcoin full time
He works on making Bitcoin knowledge available in Arabic, previous work includes Arabic edition of The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous

Fun fact
He has never been to the Pyramids yet he backpacked around Europe

Favorite Podcasts:

  • Stephan Livera Podcast
  • Darknet Diaries
    Favorite Podcast Episodes:
  • Naval on Joe Rogan
  • Kapil Gupta Unrelenting Truth – the 33voices Podcast
  • Vijay Boyapati on How Bitcoin mentally captures people – Stephan Livera

Udi: Udi’s passion is designing and building tools that bring people together and facilitate communication. He has been working on websites and apps since the age of 14 and his varied career has led to important responsibilities at large corporations (e.g. Lehman Brothers, Yahoo!, Disney), as well as key roles at exciting startups (e.g. VideoSurf, Foodstand). He’s always working on various side projects as well, currently focused on SoundPrint and of course Podcast Notes!

Questions/Comments: Email us at [email protected] or DM us on Twitter (@podcastnotes).

DISCLOSURE: We do use Amazon affiliate links throughout this site


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  1. Thanks for this….. great choices! .(more Bulletproof Radio would be great) How about a PayPal option for donations?

  2. So glad I came across this website. The Wealth Confidant Podcast would be another good show for your site. It’s all about inspiring the next generation to invest in a life fully lived.

    1. Hello, I’m a new member and can’t find an option to create a post in the forum so I’m replying here.
      On page https://podcastnotes.org/2019/03/07/the-sleep-elixir-revamped-and-expanded/?utm_source=PodcastNotes+Subscribers&utm_campaign=10eeeabedb-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_06_30_03_32&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_678a41d38e-10eeeabedb-214010869
      most of the hyperlinks are broken. I would like to look at the suggested webpages for Blue light blocking glasses and many other things on that page. But it gives a 404 error page.

  3. I am looking for the notes on podcast #171 called The Random Show- guest talked about the best pens, ball, fountain etc. I cannot find. I own every book you have written. Thanks

  4. Hey there Podcast Note team.
    Great great work, thank you for these posts.
    I’ve found a typo for you. WRT to the Dr. Rhonda Patrick and Wim Hof. You have listed in the show note:
    “Epinephrine (by breathing): Used for anti-inflammatory, increased CO2 and decreases pain.”
    It should read ‘decreased CO2’ instead of ‘increased CO2’

    Thanks again for the great work!

  5. Hi Podcast Note team!
    I love your site! I have a podcast called Amber on Podcasts, it’s all about podcasts and I cover many of the same episodes of James Altucher and Tim Ferriss.

    Thank you for posting such great notes to help me write my show. I appreciate all of your hard work and your excellent selection in podcasts. 🙂

    Your friend and fellow podcast lover,
    Amber Camille Liggon

  6. This is doppeee. Please keep taking notes, I love looking at these after listening to JRE to retain what I’ve learned.

  7. Joe Rogan Experience #1176 with Dom D’agostino and Layne Norton – would love to have some notes on this particular podcast. Hard to grasp the entirety of this discussion, but very informative.

    Cheers! You guys and gals do wonderful work!

    1. Hi Anna – We looked at that one but it just wasn’t conducive to note taking. They tended to go back and forth too much, go off topic, and there weren’t many actionable takeaways.

  8. You have one of the best websites on the internet. If you could create notes for these podcasts that would be awesome:
    Naval Ravikant on Farnam Street. Improving the questions you ask on Farnam Street. Dr. Gabor Mate on Tim Ferriss. Kobe Bryant on Big Questions with Cal Fussman. Joe Rogan 1158 with Chuck Palahniuk. Joe Rogan 1080 with David Goggins. Joe Rogan 956 with Guy Ritchie. Joe Norman on the Northstar podcast. Steve Schlafman on the North Star podcast. Daniel Gross on the North Star podcast. What Alex Danco thinks about everything from Venture Stories. What Kevin Kwok thinks about everything from Venture Stories. What Eugene Wei thinks about everything from Venture Stories.
    Also some podcast show suggestions: Invest like the best, Masters in Business, Mixed Mental Arts, Akimbo, Human Optimization hour with Kyle Kingsbury, HBR ideacast, a16z podcast, Capital Allocators, Conversations with Tyler, The Moment with Bryan Koppleman, Y Combinator, Jordan B Peterson podcast, Short Story Long, and Philosophize This.
    Thanks again for everything that you do it is greatly appreciated.

  9. I appreciate the hard work you folks put into taking podcast notes. It would be awesome if you all could add The Psychology Podcast to the list. The author, Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman, is a Psychologist who specializes in creativity research. I would love to see episode notes from his podcast here.

    The podcast can be found at the below location:


  10. Your system is awesome. Curated summaries of the big ideas is a fantastic idea. I will be contributing. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  11. Aubrey Marcus Podcast would be super dope. He hits all of the above mentioned topics and has been on the cutting edge of quite a few movements. The cool thing with Aubrey is he goes deep into the depths of his emotions and psyche and brings us the art from the bottom. He is CEO of Onnit, Rogan’s title sponsor, and just became a best selling author with his book Own The Day. His book has been killing it on Audible as well. Definitely worth checking out fersure.

    1. Just found Podcastnotes and find in incredibly valuable. I want to support for no other reason than to help it grow?

      Is there some other way to give you money other than Patreon?? I killed my account and won’t go back due to Sam Harris reasons.

      Thanks! Matt

  12. Three things, please.

    First, Thank You! Thank you, thank you. I’ve just become a paying member.

    I discovered your service from https://podcastnotes.org/2019/06/27/waitzkin/. I was trying to listen to the podcast, and griping about no Captions, auto-generated or otherwise. What are Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people supposed to do? In someone’s comment I saw the unusual term HRV, and then by searching “josh waitzkin hrv” I found your excellent summary.

    I also prefer texts to be able to take in the material at my own speed.

    Your service is even better. Now I can get the essence in a nicely formatted, well designed, easy to read form.

    Thank you,

    Second, I originally sent that message to [email protected]. It was returned as undeliverable.

    Third, I don’t see “Learning” among your tags. Certainly the Josh Waitzkin and Gerald Weinberg or Mental Models would deserve that tag.

    1. Hi David – Thanks for becoming a paying member! Also,thanks for attempting to reach out. We recently had some server issues and email trouble as a result. Good idea to add the “learning” tag. Will add it to the list.

  13. Wow! I was literally thinking how great it would be to have notes on JRE with Naval Ravikant and POOF! Podcast notes appears. Thank you so much for taking the intiavivete to do this, this will be incrediably valuable in the future. Podcasts are becoming the new classroom. My mind is brimming with ideas as to where this site could go. I’m definetly going to apply to contribute!

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