Founded in 2015, we’ve taken notes on over 1000 podcast episodes on Fitness, Nutrition, Startups/Tech, Finance/Crypto, & Life.  We listen, synthesize and post daily.

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The Podcast Notes Team

Adam Fox, Founder and CEO

The very first notes were taken during a long train commute and things have grown from there. Adam’s background is in biotech/drug development and he has an MBA from NYU Stern and degrees in Economics and Psychology from Cornell University. Adam’s favorite podcasts are All Things Naval, The Portal, and Hardcore History.

Udi, CTO

Udi’s passion is designing and building tools that bring people together and facilitate communication. He has been working on websites and apps since the age of 14 and his varied career has led to important responsibilities at large corporations (e.g. Lehman Brothers, Yahoo!, Disney), as well as key roles at exciting startups (e.g. VideoSurf, Foodstand). He’s always working on various side projects as well, currently focused on SoundPrint and of course Podcast Notes!

Alex Wieckowski

(@AlexandBooks) grew up in NYC and earned a Master’s degree in business from Baruch College. He describes himself as a perpetual learner. When he’s not covering podcasts for Podcast Notes, he’s usually reading a book to share on his book blog (Alex & Books). In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball, snowboarding, and traveling to new cities. Favorite Podcasts: The James Altucher Show, The Joe Rogan Experience, The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast


Eileen is a freelance writer and former journalist for The Buffalo News.  She writes articles, newsletters and blogs, tutors writing and is a member of the Explore Buffalo Marketing Advisory Board. She likes all things snow—and the Buffalo Bills, (of course). Favorite podcasts: The Journal – (episode: How Google Shapes Your Search Results); You Are Not So Smart (episode: The Happiness Lab); Were You Raised by Wolves (episode: Questions from the Wild)


Mostafa is based in Egypt, he fell into the Bitcoin rabbit hole in 2017 and later quit corporate life to do Bitcoin full time. He works on making Bitcoin knowledge available in Arabic, previous work includes Arabic edition of The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous.

Questions/Comments: Email us at [email protected] or DM us on Twitter (@podcastnotes).

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