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Kapil Gupta and Moe Abdou: The Making of Industry Transformers – The 33voices Dialogue

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Key Takeaways

  • “Self-talk is salesman talk”
    • It’s just your mind trying to sell you on something
  • True freedom is less about freedom of and more about freedom from
  • Something becomes possible for a human being when he has no choice”
  • On entrepreneurship
    • There is a VERY, VERY small subset of people who actually know what industry they’re truly in
    • It’s essential to make the time to pause, reflect, and ask whether what you’re pursuing is even relevant/something you actually want
    • With any industry, you need to ask – “Whatever the prevailing beliefs are, are they true and what is the evidence they’re true?”
    • “If you compete then you haven’t really found anything that’s worthy”
  • Give yourself the permission to acknowledge that all those doubts you have about society and the way people are conditioned are 100% true


Self-Talk is Salesman Talk

  • “Positive self-talk and negative self-talk are not that different”
  • “When you try to convince someone else of something, the other person feels as if they’re trying to be convinced”
    • This same thing happens with positive self-talk – “you” internally know you’re mind is trying to convince you of something
      • “Self-talk is salesman talk”
        • It’s just your mind trying to sell you on something

Don’t Fall Prey to Conditioning

  • “We are all, in many ways, conditioned but it really takes a particular strand of a human being to be programmable only to an extent”

The Value of Negativity

  • “Negative motivation is far more powerful than positive motivation”
    • The prospect of losing something is far more powerful than the prospect of gaining something
  • A lot of the motivation in people who achieve great things originates from the fact they were ridiculed in childhood


  • “The question isn’t whether you want freedom, it’s whether you want it at the exclusion of all else”
    • You have to be willing to do whatever it takes
  • Everybody wants freedom – but the truth is some people are scared of it
    • “It’s just that they look for water within a rock. Because the idea is amorphous and the things that they have in their life are tangible – comparing something amorphous to something tangible becomes frightening.”
  • True freedom is less about freedom of and more about freedom from
    • Freedom from fear, freedom from anxiety, freedom from fear, freedom from pain etc.
      • This is more tangible – we all know what anxiety feels like
  • Bruce Springsteen has said – “To taste freedom, all you need to do is risk being your true self”
    • But to do this puts you in the minority

Take the Leap Only if You Can No Longer Tolerate Your Current Situation

  • “Something becomes possible for a human being when he has no choice”
  • There is no such thing as a “leap of faith” scenario
    • “If you have faith in anything, you’re probably going to fall on your face”
  • There can be a leap towards something that you’re unsure of 
    • But in order for that leap to happen, the circumstances of your present day environment have to be so bad and unacceptable that you’re willing to take that leap
    • You don’t even have to know what you’re leaping towards
      • All you need to be sure of is that you can no longer tolerate your current situation
  • On risk:
    • There should be no risk – remove it from the equation
      • There is only risk when you have a choice
      • “If there’s a risk, then it isn’t worth doing”


  • What does it look like when you really, truly understand the truth about your industry?
    • “It doesn’t matter what it looks like, it matters that the question was asked”
  • Entrepreneurship is like jumping into a wildly flowing river
    • You’re constantly trying to avoid rocks, stray branches, and worrying if there’s a waterfall on the horizon
    • As soon as you jump in the “entrepreneurship river” and get taken by the flow, what happens most often is  – “The questions that are already being asked when a person comes into an industry, are the same questions that person begins to ask”
      • You need to pause, and ask whether those questions are even relevant
      • Stop trying to get better at the “game” and ask why the “game” even exists in the first place
  • Something no entrepreneur (or anyone) bothers to ask – “What industry am I really in?”
    • It sounds ridiculous…but think about it
      • “There may be 3 people who know what industry they’re in. No one knows what industry they’re in. They just know the industry that has been created in that name. They don’t know what it’s actually about. They don’t know what the fundament of the fundament is. If they did, they wouldn’t join the games.”


  • True leaders steer the ship in terms of what’s in line with their uncompromising vision, and everyone else just rides the ship
  • Stop trying to convince others of your vision
    • “You’re not going to feed this type of DNA into non-DNA people…you’re just not.”
    • “The need or effort to try to explain to others you’re reasoning…..you’ll get blank looks. There isn’t enough time in a lifetime to do that.”

You Can’t Handle The Truth

  • With any industry, you need to ask – “Whatever the prevailing beliefs are, are they true and what is the evidence they’re true?”
  • “I think it’s massively misleading, and frankly incorrect to assume that the majority of people who have been conditioned according to the prevailing dogma of their industry, that if they were brought into a room and were told the truth, that they would suddenly have an epiphany”
    • Maybe 1 or 2 people in the entire industry will realize these truths – but it will be rare
    • The point – it takes a certain DNA to be able to carry the real truth, and most people don’t have it
  • But to add – VERY few people actually desire to know the truth 
    • “The Pacific Ocean is blue, the sun rises in the eat, and no one wants to know the truth” – It’s just the way things are

How can a “level 8” rise to become a “level 10”?

  • All it takes is permission
    • “The people who are 8s and 9s tend to have an inkling that everything’s full of crap, but something inside them says, ‘But maybe it’s not.'”
    • When these people are given the permission to acknowledge that all the doubts they’re having are 100% true -“Immediately the tether which keeps them tied to the earth, snaps”
  • BUT – For most 8s and 9s, if they were to gives themselves permission, they would have already done it by now 
    • For this reason – it tends to be someone else that gives them that permission
      • “But the number of people who exist to give them that permission is 2 and a half”
        • Kapil says he personally has given a number of people this permission

Not Caring What Others Think

  • “Not caring what others think is a massive milestone and you can’t prescribe your way there”
  • But how do you arrive here?
    • It comes down to truly seeing the consequences of not being there, and seeing if those consequences are acceptable to you or not
      • “For me, it’s simply not okay that what everyone thinks of me is something I need to juggle and manage”

More on Entrepreneurship

  • In regards to building a company and entrepreneurship – think about building/creating the product that will give you ultimate satisfaction as opposed to giving you pleasure
    • It comes down to avoiding “chases” 
    • With clearness, calmness, and sincerity – examine why you’re in the business you’re in, what business you actually are in that you most likely didn’t know you were in, and move away from anything done in a reactive fashion that will only lead to a chase
  • How do you know you’re ultimate satisfaction?
    • Ask yourself – “Where is the place I have to arrive that will no longer cause me to chase?”
  • “If you compete then you haven’t really found anything that’s worthy”

A Final Thought

  • “People don’t know what they want because they’ve never asked the question, and the reason they’ve never asked the question is because they’re too busy chasing”
    • In order to ask this question – you need space, a mental time out if you will
      • Give yourself this time

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