The Essential Guide to Naval Ravikant (2019 Summary)

Naval Ravikant (@naval) never ceases to amaze us. We’re sure you’ll agree, his insight density is unmatchable. Naval kicked off 2019 with a few of his classic Periscope sessions. He then went on to launch his own podcast with Babak Nivi, How to Get Rich, which took a deep dive into his famous tweetstorm. Then it happened… Joe Rogan. Naval’s appearance on the podcast was one we’d all been waiting for, and it might just be the best two hours of audio ever to grace the internet. 

With all of this, we were left thinking: Someone has to sum up this wisdom… for the good of the people! Allow us to take a stab at it. Here are Naval’s 2019 podcast appearances, conference talks, and Periscope sessions that this post summarizes:

And here is the full table of contents:

  • Books and Reading
    • The Rules of Reading
    • What Should You Read?
    • True Wisdom Comes From Understanding, Not Memorization
    • Timeless Authors and Books That Naval Speaks Highly Of
  • Meditation
    • Quotes on Meditation
    • Naval’s Meditation Practice
    • If You Want to Give the “Art of Doing Nothing” Meditation Practice a Try…
  • Life Advice
    • It Won’t Make You Happy
    • Not Happy? Not Smart
    • Happiness is a Choice
    • Limit Your Desires
    • Peace of (from) Mind
    • If You Want to Operate at Peak Performance, You Need a Calm Mind
    • What is the Purpose of Life?
    • The Biggest Illusions of Life
  • The Era of Too Much Abundance
    • Here’s the Problem
    • Here’s the Solution
    • And a Few More Quotes to Remember
  • Education
    • The Future of Education
    • We Need a Culture of Adult Education
  • Work
    • Let’s Start With Some Quotes
    • Work At a Small Company
    • On Freedom
    • The New Age of Knowledge Work
    • The Future of Work
    • What About Automation?
  • How to Get Rich
    • Key Takeaways (Naval’s Teachings Summed Up in a Few Bullet Points)
    • Key Principles
    • Learn to Code and Become Knowledgeable About Computers
    • To Get Rich, Become a Perpetual Learner
    • What You Work On > Picking the Right People to Work With > How Hard You Work
    • Utilize Your Specific knowledge
    • Escape Competition Through Authenticity
    • Apply Leverage
    • Protect Your Time
  • Rapid Fire Questions
  • A Few Goodies We Couldn’t Leave Out

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