The Naval Podcast – Compounding Relationships Make Life Easier

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This podcast clip is part of a conversation between Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi. Unless otherwise noted, quotes are from Naval. For reference, check out Naval’s famous How to Get Rich tweet storm.

Key Takeaways

  • Relationships are a good example of compound interest
    • Once you’ve been in a good relationship with somebody for a while, whether it’s business or romantic, life gets that much easier
      • Trust makes it MUCH easier to do business 
  • “I think the number one most under-recognized reason why startups fail is because the founders fall apart”
    • Removing the frictional mechanisms of struggling relationships can be the difference between success and failure of a startup
  • Remember – Most of the benefits of compounding come at the end of the compounding, so you may not necessarily see huge benefits up front
  • “I think it’s better to have a few deep compounding relationships with people instead of a large number of non-compounding relationships” – Nivi
  • “I think one of the under-realized things in business is that it takes just as much effort to create a small business as it does to create a large business”
    • So you might as well THINK BIG 
      • A successful tech startup can make millions or billions
      • A successful restaurant on the other hand…