The Naval Podcast – Be Too Busy to “Do Coffee”

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This podcast clip is part of a conversation between Naval Ravikant (@naval) and Babak Nivi (@nivi). Unless otherwise noted, quotes are from Naval. For reference, check out Naval’s famous How to Get Rich tweet storm.

Key Takeaways

  • Naval once tweeted“You should be too busy to do coffee while keeping an uncluttered calendar”
  • The ONLY way to stay focused and be able to do the most high-impact work/what you’re most inspired about is to constantly, RUTHLESSLY, decline meetings
  • It’s fine to make connections and “do coffee” early in your career when you’re exploring
    • But later in your career when you’re exploiting – “You have to ruthlessly cut meetings out of your life”
  • If someone wants to have a meeting, suggest a phone call
    • If they want a phone call, suggest an email
  • When you do have meetings, make it a walking meeting (or a standing meeting), keep them short, and keep them small
    • “Any meeting with 8 people in it sitting around a conference table – nothing is getting done in that meeting, you’re literally just dying one hour at a time”
  • When you’ve done something important or valuable, busy people will meet with you
    • Suggest – “Hey, here’s what I’ve done. Here’s what I can show you. Let’s meet and I’ll be respectful of your time if this is useful to you.”
    • You HAVE to come with a proper calling card
    • “Product progress is the resume for the entrepreneur”
    • You NEED proof of work to get a meeting with a busy person
  • “A busy calendar and a busy mind will destroy your ability to do great things in this world”
    • If you want to be able to do great things you need free time and you need a free mind.

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