COO Startup Operations Master Class (Member Preview)

So You’ve Raised Money, No What?

Why should you listen to me?

Credentials”: I have degrees in economics and psychology from an Ivy League school and an MBA from a Top Tier program where I didn’t learn ANY of what I’m going to teach you.

Why I Can Actually Help: I have, however, raised over $100M from Top Tier venture capitalists to start a healthcare company and founded Podcast Notes (100% bootstrapped). I then led operations to get my VC funded company off the ground to ensure we quickly executed on our strategy, tripled headcount across two offices/states and established credibility with the Board (while building Podcast Notes). I have also served as an adviser to multiple other startups as they raised money/got off the ground. This is the information I wish that I knew when it all started.

$$$$$$: Furthermore, I’ll also give you precise negotiating tactics that will save you tons of cash, making you a HERO to your board/VCs. Savings that will pay for this course many times over and extend your runway. 

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