Jocko Podcast 128 w/ Echo Charles – How to Gain Confidence. Settling The Score.

Q & A: Topics covered include: How to Gain Confidence, Forgiveness vs. Settling the Score, Does Discipline Inhibit Creativity?

Over-training – Do you believe in over-training or is it an excuse?
  • Yes you can over-train, most people don’t
  • If you over-train you’ll know it because your performance will start to slip: “Take a break, eat some steak”
  • It’s actually hard to over-train, so you should try to do something active everyday
  • Two kinds of over-training
    • Clinical – it shows in your blood, real symptoms develop (like trouble sleeping) – it takes a while to get out of it
    • Rhabdo – acute over-training
Packing a Lunch for Work – What would you pack for lunch if you had a typical 9-5 job?
  • Chicken, steak, beef jerky, salad
  • Don’t eat donuts in the office
  • It’s in the American culture to go out with others at work for lunch
  • Break the cycle, otherwise you’re spending money on food that will make you fat and lazy
  • Pack your own lunch – it makes you leaner and smarter; spend less, eat better
  • What would be Jocko’s go to?
    • Tin chicken (in a can) with some mayo on it
Real Estate Investing – How did Jocko start?
  • Jocko’s been lucky.
    • In 2007-08, he bought some houses and then continued
    • His military salary helped because he knew a paycheck was coming no matter what
  • Number 1 – Just try to buy a house to live in, and then pay it off as soon as you can, fix it up, rent it out, and buy another
  • Advice – buy a house in the place you want to live
    • Location can’t be changed, but you can always fix it up
  • Jocko did all the “fixing up” type work on the houses he bought himself
    • Now he doesn’t do it as much – you either have time or money
  • VA loans are good, but you can only get one, and only if you’re in the military – it’s a good jumping off point
  • Buy a house instead of renting
  • Be careful of speculating – prices don’t always go up, don’t count on it
  • Live lean
    • You might not be able to go out to dinner, and you may need to buy the kids “recycled” stuff for Christmas
    • You might be financial tight when you buy your first house, it’s okay
    • If you’re not okay with a “lean Christmas”, and not going out for dinner, or buying recycled gifts, then don’t buy or speculate
  • No risk, no reward, but don’t risk everything
Does Jocko ever watch mindless TV or Youtube during down time?
  • Jocko doesn’t have a lot of free time
  • To decompress – he might watch something with his kids, like The Office
Is it okay to use mass punishment on the team?
  • When the team is not working together, punish together
  • What if it’s just an individual?
    • The team needs to get that person on board
Discipline as a Creative
  • You need discipline to get good at your craft, music, art, whatever
  • You should do those things because you love them, the money will follow
  • Ideally, if money is an issue at first, have another job to make money, so artistically you can do what you want
How to Deal with Being Lonely at the Top
  • When Jocko was a platoon commander, was it lonely? – Not really
  • When you’re a business owner or leader, there are times you have to be alone
  • If you’re at the top, you have to work harder than everyone else so you might be alone
  • “The higher, the fewer”
  • Being alone isn’t a bad thing, you should be comfortable being alone
  • When you’re not okay with it, adjust the balance: it’s a long term thing
The Office Reboot, Staring Jocko
  • Great show, his kids are obsessed with it
  • Jocko prefers the British version, funny but depressing, more realistic, not as over-the-top
  • Yes, he would be in a new version of The Office as a hard core version of Dwight Shrute
  • There are definitely leadership issues in the show
The Best Way to Keep in Shape While Traveling
  • Get wood gymnastic rings, you can take them anywhere
  • Get creative – moving body weight through space is the best way to build body mass
    • Dead lifting and squatting are both good
  • Dumbbells are better than a barbell for neuromuscular activity
  • Use Google maps to find gyms in your area, then commit
Forgive or Wait to Settle the Score?
  • Forgive if you can, but it’s hard to do sometimes
  • Forgiving someone is a form of settling the score; you show they don’t matter anymore
  • Best revenge: move on, “kick ass in the world”
When Jocko crush’s today’s to-do list, does he relax or move on to the next day’s list?
  • Keep going, Jocko works until he’s brain dead
    • Keep hammering until you can’t anymore
  • Right now, Jocko estimates he could work 24 hours a day and he’d never get done what he has to get done, done
  • But if you need break, take a break
  • Relax by doing something of value: like exercise
    • Don’t watch TV
Entering the military when you’re over 30 years old
  • It’s fine – At that age you’ve got intelligence and maturity
  • Only downside is you have to do some dumb stuff; you might develop a negative attitude
  • Jocko jointed at 18
  • Go in with an open mind, do the tedious, and you will eventually get the leadership position
  • If you have a good attitude, you have a good chance of getting promoted, but if you’re negative, and spread negativity, it will be problematic
  • You might also experience some social disconnect because lot of people will be 18
    • Brace yourself for the perspective of an 18 yr old: “You’re an old man”
What do you do when your boss doesn’t make the connection between your work and the team’s success?
  • Keep working hard – put your ego in check
  • Let your boss have the glory, make him look great
  • The glory will come for you as well, just be patient
Does discipline inhibit creativity?
  • No – Jimmy Page, guitar virtuoso, played guitar so much in school, in lunch, at study hall, that they had to take his guitar from him
    • He practiced so much that he was able to get more creative than anyone else. Discipline expanded his creativity.
  • Anyone who does anything, the only way they get that extra percent is discipline
  • If you don’t like doing it, what are you doing it for?
Moving On vs. Fighting On
  • Assess everything going on in the situation
  • If there is no prospect of you moving ahead (like in a family business), maybe it’s time to get out
  • If you can do a good job, step up and become a leader, it might be worth sticking around
  • Don’t blind side your boss, explain what’s going on
  • Be specific in your exit interview – it might start a good conversation
What are the best ways to increase confidence?
  • Do Jiu Jitsu
  • Read, study, learn, and get smarter
  • Practice speaking so you can become more articulate
  • Do things that are challenging, get tougher, don’t quit
  • Stand up tall with your chin high and your chest out
  • Stay humble
  • People might be richer, better looking, and more talented than you, but there are things that are more important – like loyalty, honor, and courage
  • If you know you won’t give up, won’t give in, and you know you’ll get back up, then you know your character is strong, and that’s what matters – It’s all the confidence you need