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Key Takeaways

  • 81% of parents are considering alternatives to traditional education this year with a focus on home-schooling
  • Public schools were not designed for parental involvement – even though parent engagement improves a student’s outcome
  • The current educational system diminishes kids’ natural excitement for learning
  • In mass-producing anything, including education, quality suffers
  • Different perspectives make students stronger – this is lacking in traditional education
  • $14,000 = the average spent by traditional education systems per student
  • On-line schooling will eventually be recognized as a disconnect for learning
  • Micro schools and homeschooling excel because the more parents are involved in something the more they’re going to care about it


Robert Bortins (t:@homeschooltest) is CEO of Classical Conversations, a home-centered Christian education organization that teaches parents and students the classical tools of learning and the world’s largest classical homeschooling organization

Host: Mike Sudyk

What Does Classical Conversations Mean?

  • The “classical” part refers to the learning methodology– grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric
  • This methodology applies to learn anything, even basketball
    • The grammar of basketball is dribbling
    • The dialectic (or logic stage) is running a play
    • The rhetoric stage is playing a game and getting that three-pointer
  • It’s breaking anything down to the fundamentals and putting it through an educational lens

What Does the “ Conversation” Part Mean?

  • The “conversation” deals with the student and parent interacting with a community
  • With home-schooling, you need more than just a parent, you need community
  • Different perspectives make students stronger – this is lacking in traditional education
  • Social media is an echo chamber – students need face to face contact with different perspectives
  • Classical education believes in truth, beauty, and goodness
  • But the truth is different for everyone today – so it’s hard to find absolute truth
  • Even if we don’t agree, we should be able to discuss our differences

Can Parents Get Local Help?

  • Classical conversations partners you with a local home schooling community that will walk you through the curriculum
  • “Home schooling is doable but it’s hard, there are good days and bad days – you need a strong group of friends” Robert Bortins
  • It sets you up in a community with a trained parent tutor in a group of up to 12
  • This group goes through six subjects and has a weekly conversation
  • Classical Conversations has been doing this for 20 years – home-schoolers for home-schoolers

Is Interest in Home-Schooling Ramping Up?

  • Yes, we see parents whose eyes are opening to what their kids are or are not learning
  • Classical conversations saw eight times more leads per day recently than at the same time last year
  • 81% of parents are considering not sending their kids to school this year
  • 25% of parents are definitely homeschooling this year
  • There are currently two million home-schoolers (or 5%) worldwide with an additional eight million this year
  • Many won’t go back to traditional schools next year
  • – free training sessions/ videos for parents new to homeschooling

What about Micro-Schools?

  • Micro-schools are a group of families who hire a teacher for a group of kids
  • It’s good because it increases parents’ ownership of their kids’ education
  • Micro schools are great – the more you’re involved in something the more you’re going to care about it”Robert Bortins

What Do You Predict Will Happen to Education After This Year?

  • There will be a big movement toward school choice
  • Education will get better
  • No one knows your children better than you
  • On-line schooling will be recognized as a disconnect for learning
  • $14,000 = the average spent by traditional education systems per student
    • At that rate, ten families could pay a hired teacher for $140,000
  • There will be more pushback on radical agendas in schools
  • History will be emphasized – If don’t learn history you’re doomed to repeat
  • Forty years ago, 90% of Americans could read and comprehend a book, now that number is less than 25%
  • North Carolina is changing a 60% grade to a C – another example of the grade inflation trend

Explaining the Dysfunctions in School

  • It’s not the teacher’s fault – the student-teacher ratio is too high
  • Public schools were not designed for parent involvement
  • It’s illegal for a parent to sit in their kid’s class
  • Yet the more engaged a parent is, the better the outcome for the child
  • Statistics of home-schoolers (regardless of their parent’s education level) shows they score well above the national average on tests
  • The problem is the system kills the kids’ natural excitement for learning
  • In mass-producing anything, you lose quality
  • Traditional education systems ignore the “grammar” stage of classical conversations methods
    • Learning to the test is prioritized to at the expense of understanding

More about Classical Conversations

  • Classical Conversations was created in 1997 by Robert Bortin’s mom, who home-schooled him as a child
  • In 2012 Robert joined Classical Conversations as CEO – since then it has grown to over 45 countries, with over 100,000 students
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