NoteWorthy Podcasts

My list of our favorite and inspirational podcasts with easy to skim and digest notes waiting for you!

Found My Fitness Podcast: Rhonda Patrick is a PhD researcher bringing a rigorous approach to health, aging, diet, nutrition and many other topics. No scammy recommendations, just heavily researched and detailed science. Our notes try to make some of the more complex ideas more approachable.

The Tim Ferriss ShowTim brings in some of the world’s most fascinating overachievers and reveals their secrets to success. These ideas never get old.

The Joe Rogan Experience: Joe is a podcasting legend and goes wherever his guest and conversation take him. Note every episode requires notes (e.g. those with comedians/MMA fighters), but for some they are essential. We look for those episodes to give you notes on what matters.

BulletProof RadioLooking to get to the core of diet and health with various guests who can help you understand how to improve yourself

Freakonomics Podcast: Looking for the role of economic concepts in places you’d never expect to see them. Fun and informative

RadioLab: Antibodies Part 1: CRISPR

Radiolab: From Tree to Shining Tree

Ask Altucher / Question of the Day (w/ Stephen Dubner): Jay is a unique and opinionated personality on various topics including finance, entrepreneurship, failure, family and happiness

The Art of ManlinessThe place for bettering yourself as a man (sorry ladies). Interviews with authors on manly topics such as resilience, stoicism, etc.

StarTalkPhysics celeb (a truly rare concept) Neil DeGrasse Tyson answers questions on the universe or speaks with fascinating people/geeks like Edward Snowden)

A16z Podcast: Legendary venture capital firm Andreseen Horowitz’s podcast is a truly unique perspective on entrepreneurship, startups, silicon valley, running business and life

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History: Some podcasts just need to be listened to. These are too rare and good and I suggest you just listen to them!

Dan Carlin’s Common Sense: Pace of Innovation, Climate Change and Terrorism


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