Video didn’t kill the radio star, but Podcasts might just do the trick.

In particular, some inspirational podcasts have world class recommendations on business, health, diet, and just living your life to its fullest.

We can do better than just hoping we remember all of this amazing info and Podcast Notes is here to help.

Please enjoy and spread the word!

If you’re feeling generous, Paypal or Bitcoin donations are very much appreciated 🙂

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Interested in joining the Podcastnotes Team as a contributor? Email a sample of notes from your favorite Podcast to podcastnotes1@gmail.com

13 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks for this….. great choices! .(more Bulletproof Radio would be great) How about a PayPal option for donations?

  2. So glad I came across this website. The Wealth Confidant Podcast would be another good show for your site. It’s all about inspiring the next generation to invest in a life fully lived.

  3. I am looking for the notes on podcast #171 called The Random Show- guest talked about the best pens, ball, fountain etc. I cannot find. I own every book you have written. Thanks

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