The Very Useful – Volume 01


Products get mentioned in podcasts all the time, but what’s really worth purchasing? We’ve put the following to the test.

Many people, including Dr. Rhonda Patrick as discussed in these Podcast Notes, say that we should compress our eating window into as short an amount of time as possible, somewhere in the range 10-14 hours. For most, this is difficult. Here’s where this mct powder comes in – just add it right to your coffee/tea and it will hold you over until its time to eat. Hunger pangs be gone! I use it as a breakfast replacement. You could also use the liquid form, like Bulletproof MCT oil, but the powdered form is much easier on the digestive track.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick mentioned this on her podcast with Joe Rogan. Why grow and eat broccoli sprouts? They contain high levels of sulforaphane. Theirs tons of benefit to adding a little bit of sulforaphane to your diet. You can read about them all here. Also check out this video from Dr. Patrick. For sprouts, we recommend The Sprout House brand.

These are a game changer if you use the sauna. Fact of the matter is, you probably shouldn’t bring your phone in. These allow you to leave your phone at the door, and still listen to podcasts or your an audiobook. Check out all the benefits of sauna use in these Podcast Notes.

As mentioned in these Podcast Notes from The Tim Ferriss Show, this, or even a lacrosse ball, works perfectly for alleviating tightness/pain in the the feet, the muscles around your knees, or tight hip flexors (probably best you the lacrosse ball for this).

These guys have sponsored the Tim Ferriss Show a few times now, and wow, I’ll never work sitting down again. On a related note, I highly recommend you check out the book, Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World by Kelly Starrett. It’s almost impossible to read this and not want to switch to a standing desk. Pro tip – put this step stool and a cheap foam roller near your feet so you’re constantly changing positions throughout the day. It may be hard to stand continuously if your standing still, but if you’re constantly changing the position of your feet, it makes it much more manageable. You could also use this bar stool to lean on for short breaks. Grab an anti-fatigue mat for yourself too, I’m currently using this one from Kangaroo.

It’s marketed as a massager, but it works better as a sex toy.  Recommended by Alic Little, one of the top earning legal sex workers in the US, in in these Podcast Notes, and also by Tim Ferriss in his book, Tools of Titans.

Hands down, one of my best and worst friends. You’ll know what I mean if you use one. Works perfect for helping to relax yourself before heading to bed, just like a deep tissue massage would.

As Shawn Stevenson talked about in these Podcast Notes, we really should be getting our drinking water from springs. Chlorine is typically added to tap water and acts like an antibiotic. Consuming lots of chlorine has a detrimental effect on your microbiome. Water from springs has never been exposed to pollution or been tampered with. Shawn recalls a study in which water from over 40 million US households was sampled, and they found significant traces of antidepressants, statins, and chemotherapy drugs.

Want to find a spring near you – check out These glass jugs work perfect for storage. When water is stored in plastic, light tends to break the plastic down, causing it to integrate with the water. Shawn recommends drinking water bottled in glass to avoid chemicals from plastic (like BPAs – which actually function like estrogen, attaching to estrogen receptor sites).

Recommended by ketogenic diet expert Dom D’Agostino in these Podcast Notes, I’m not sure how I’d live without them. They’re a perfect on the go lunch, or in between meal snack.

Some weird science behind this one – sprinkle it on kale (just like Dr. Rhonda Patrick does). Sulforaphane is obtained from cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and kale. It’s produced when the enzyme myrosinase, found within the cruciferous vegetable, transforms glucoraphanin into sulforaphane upon damage to the plant (such as from chewing), which allows the two compounds to mix and react.

When cruciferous vegetables are cooked, by either boiling them in water, baking, frying, or steaming them, it prevents the formation of any significant levels of sulforaphane due to the heat inactivating the myrosinase enzyme.

However, the addition of powdered mustard, which serves as a form of the myrosinase enzyme, to the cooked cruciferous vegetables significantly increases the formation of sulforaphane.


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