Podcast Notes Summary – The Immunity Elixir



Having now listened to hundreds (maybe thousands?) of podcasts, we thought it might be time to start compiling the best findings and recommendations we have heard. Given the crazy flu this year, we wanted to get started with immunity. Getting sick sucks, but there are ways to reduce your risk. Here’s a recipe, pieced together from interviews with Tim Ferriss, Rhonda Patrick, and many other high performers, on how to avoid getting sick and keep your immune system functioning properly.

  • First things first, eat healthy and stay active. Supplements are great, but if you’re eating junk, chugging soda and sitting around all day they can’t save you.
  • Athletic Greens: Tim Ferriss’ “all-in-one nutritional insurance” to get all your nutrients in one place, especially when you’re travelling and have limited access to healthy options
  • Quantum Health Thera Zinc SprayTake 8 sprays (that’s the serving size) two times a day. This is sold in a travel size as well, which makes it very convenient for airplanes. Tim mentions this spray when he answered the 11 questions from his latest book, Tribe of Mentors.
  • Host Defense – MyCommunity Capsules, Multi Mushroom Support for Immune ResponseThis encapsulated blend of mushrooms offers a diverse range of constituents that offer incredible support for the immune system, just take a look at the Amazon reviews.  Two capsules a day is all it takes. Tim mentions these in his new book, and also in these Podcast Notes, from his interview with Kevin Rose.
  • When you’re in an environment that compromises your immune system, take 1,000 mg of Vitamin C every hour. This could be while you’re on an airplane, or while you’re at a book signing, like Tim does. Rhonda Patrick talked about how she thinks Thorne supplements are the best in these Podcast Notes from her interview with Joe Rogan, so we recommend their brand of Vitamin C.
  • Your microbiome regulates the immune system. Long story short, the healthier your microbiome, the less you’ll get sick. From her interview with Joe Rogan, Rhonda’s perennial favorite probiotic is from VSL#3 – Keep these in mind particular when/after you take antibiotics and you want to be sure to repopulate your microbiome with the good kind.
  • Keep your Vitamin D levels up. Vitamin D can modulate the innate and adaptive immune responses and deficiency in Vitamin D is associated with increased susceptibility to infection. Rhonda takes 2,000 IU of Throne Vitamin D daily. If you live somewhere where it’s less sunny, take a little more.
  • To combat general inflammation in the body, as Rhonda talked about in these Podcast Notes from her interview with Rich Roll, she takes Nordic Naturals Fish Oil and Throne Meriva SF Curcumin Capsules daily.

Have anything else that should be added to the list? Let us know.

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